Here you’re not just a member, but a part of a unique family of God 


Here you're not just a number, here you have a name 

We are not just a Church you go to, we are a family, you belong to. 


Here we do not just make time for you, we have time for you 

Here we are committed to you, and not just the idea of you 


Here you're not just a number, you're a family, and you matter to us a great deal.


Here you are a part, of a family, that loves you intensely and intentionally 


Here we are not just growing a crowd. Here we are growing individuals, into the full knowledge and image of Christ Jesus 


Here we are more interested in filling your heart with the undiluted word of God, than filling our pews 


We are individual-centric and not number-centric 


We are people focus, individual Centered and not activities Centered 


Here we cry with you and we also rejoice with you 


Here we are committed to making you grow into the full stature and maturity in Christ Jesus 


Here the salvation of your soul is of great importance to us

Here we place the highest premium on helping you develop healthy spiritual lifestyle, deep and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit and the word of God (Bible)


Here we place a high premium on helping you develop and grow the fruit of the Holy Spirit 


You are invited 

God bless 

John Omale 

On behalf of CMA family