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I Will Arise, and shine, for my light has come,
and the glory of the Lord shines over my family and I

Look! great darkness of sickness, sorrows, despair, and gloom covers the earth,
and total darkness of plagues and pain the peoples.

but the glory and light of the Lord will shine over me and my family,
and the glory of the Lord will appear over me and my family.

Nations will come to our light,
and kings to the brightness of our radiance.

In faith I Raise my eyes and look around:
they all gather and come to me and my family.

My sons will come from far away,
and my daughters will be carried on the shoulders of greatness.

Then I will see all my children restored in glory and honour of the Lord and my heart and spirit will be filled with joy and

my face will radiate with the glory of the Lord
and my heart also will leap and rejoice, with exceeding great joy

because the riches of the sea will become ours
and the wealth of the nations will come to us.

Wealth’s of Gods goodness will cover our land
The young and the old will come to us bearing gifts
Men and women of honour will come seeking our favour.

They will carry gold and frankincense
and proclaim the praises of the Lord.

All the blessings of the Lord, will be gathered to us
And we shall use our riches to serve you, Lord our God

And we shall go up on Your altar with our offerings and sacrifices and all shall be acceptable to You, Lord Jesus.

You my Lord, and my God will glorify Your beautiful house and temple with your glory

Who are these who fly like a cloud,
like doves to their shelters?

Yes, the islands will wait for Me
with the ships of nations in the lead,

to bring my children from far away,
with their silver and gold with them,
for the honor of the Lord my God,
the Holy One of Israel,

who has glorified His holy name forever and ever, in Jesus mighty name, Amen

Foreigners will build up our walls,
and their kings will serve us.
Although I we where struck in His wrath,

Yet, the Lord our God, will show us, His mercy and crown our lives with His favor.
Our gates will always be open.

they will never be shut day or night
so that the wealth of the nations
will be brought to my family and I
with their kings being led in procession.

For the nation and the kingdom
that will not serve my God will perish
those nations will be annihilated.

The glory of the nations will come to my God and to me
Nations will come with their resources, gold, silver, and diamonds together—

to beautify the sanctuary, of the Lord our God
and the Lord,
my God will glorify His dwelling place. And our lives, in Jesus mighty name

The sons of our oppressors
will come and bow down to us
all who hate and despise us
will fall facedown at our feet.

They will call us the favoured children of the Lord, and the Church of the Lord,

Zion of the Holy One of Israel.
Instead of us being deserted and hated,
with no one wanting to relate or befriend us

the Lord, will make my family and I, an object of His eternal pride,
a joy from age to age. And generation to generation

my family and I, will be nurse on the milk of nations,
My family and I, shall be nurse at the breast of kings and queens of the earth, in Jesus mighty name

Then will I, together with my family acknowledge the glory and greatness of our God.

and everyone will know that we serve a living God, the Lord, Jesus Christ, Lord and saviour

Our Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob.

The Lord will bring us, gold, and pounds instead of bronze.
The Lord, will bring us, silver, and dollars instead of iron,
bronze instead of wood,
and iron instead of stones.

The Lord, our God will appoint peace as our guard
and righteousness as our ruler.

Violence will never again be heard of in our homes
devastation and destruction
will be gone from our town.

By faith we shall call our walls salvation
and your gates, praise.
The sun will no longer be our light by day,

and the brightness of the moon will not shine on my family,
but the Lord will be our everlasting light,
and our God will be our splendor.

Our sun will no longer set,
and our moon will not fade.
for the Lord will be our everlasting light,
and the days of our sorrow will be over.

Then all our people will be righteous
We will all repossess our inheritance and re- possess the land in righteousness forever, in Jesus mighty name

For we are the branch the Lord, has planted,
We are the works of the mighty hands, of the Lord
so that the Lord may be glorified. Through our lives

The least of us, will become a thousand,
The smallest amongst us shall become a mighty nation.
For He, is the Lord ALMOGHTY

The Lord, Almighty will accomplish all this and much more quickly in its time. In Jesus mighty name-


John Oche Omale