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# The One Who is, and who was and is to come

# The prince of peace and the giver of eternal life. We worship you

# To my Christ the faithful witness

# Praise and glory to Christ Jesus – The first from the dead

# Glory and honour, to Christ, the ruler of the king’s of the earth

# All Praise to Jesus who loves us, and freed us from all our sins, by His blood

# Glory and praise to Christ our freedom

# We lift you high above all the Alpha And Omega

# We worship you, the Almighty God

# We lift you high in our worship –
# The First and the Last
# The resurrection and the life
# The way maker

# The ocean divider and the bondage, breaker

# Jesus Christ, You remain the only way to eternal life

# Christ of God, the eternal truth and life everlasting
# We worship You, Lord, Jesus, the first from the dead and the conqueror of death and diseases

# The author and finisher of our faith, we bless you for rewriting our stories with your blood in mercy

# The Bishop of our soul, we praise You
# The Captain of our salvation, we Worship you

# The who holds the keys of David, what He opens no one can shut, and what He shut no one can open

# The one Who holds the keys to death and hell
# The one who with His master keys free us who were held captive by the fear of death all our lives

# The Lord, who holds the seven stars, in His hands, we worship You.

# The Lord, our God, who walks amongst the seven golden lamp-stands, we adore You

# The Christ of God, who holds the seven spirit of God, in His right hands of righteousness- we praise You

# The Lord, our God, who has the sharp double-edged sword in His hands, executing righteous judgement on workers, of iniquity – we bow before you Lord

# The son of God, who’s eyes, are like a blazing fire- we worship You

# The son of Man, who’s feet, are like burnished bronze- we worship and adore you

# The defender of the defenceless
# The husband, of the widow
# The father, to the fatherless – We give you all the praise and glory.

# The all-compassionate God, we praise you
# The All understanding God, we bless Your name

# Jehovah Rapha, the Lord, our healer, I praise you

# Jehovah Jireh, the Lord, our greater provider, we bless your holy name

# Jehovah Shalom, the Lord, my peace and my wholeness, I worship you

# The All-Knowing God And The All-Giving God - We bless Your Holy name

Lord, of lords and the King of kings
All praise, glory and honour to you forever and ever

• By John Oche Omale