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When one cries, we all cry

When one bleeds, we all bleed

When one mourns, we all mourn

When one suffers, we all suffer

When one is in pain, we’re all in pain


When one is hungry, we're all hungry

When one is naked, we're all naked

When one is attacked, we're all attacked


The destruction of one is the destruction of us all

True love is never demonstrated in isolation

True love is one for all. All for one


In tears, I hear my Savior Jesus Christ says, I died for all.

I love all without discriminating against anyone


Hate is not my message,

Vengeance is not my message

Discrimination is not my message

Segregation is not my message

Tribalism is not my message

Nepotism is not my message


I take no joy in the death and destruction of a sinner

From my throne, my heart bleeds for the souls of all mankind


Wouldn't you help me, love, as I have loved you?

Wouldn't you help me, forgive, as I forgave you?

Wouldn't you help me, give, as I have given you?

Wouldn't you help me, show mercy, I have shown you mercy?


My heart bleeds and beats for the souls of all.


I desire all men to be saved and come to the full knowledge of me, Christ Jesus

Remember I desire all to know me, as their Lord and Savior


Go out there and rescue the dying world from darkness and deprivation.


Show the world the power of my love, that conquers all.

Let, my grace and mercy speak through your actions and deeds to all.


God bless

John Oche Omale