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Twenty-six years, one month and eight days ago, I had an encounter that changed my life, my way of thinking for good.

I had the privilege of meeting a group of ministers from the USA. Members of ORUEF.
Don Petry, David Hand, Bill McCrea, Patricia Steele and Sue Tidwell

The highlight of my encounter with them came when I had the opportunity to attend a workshop put together and facilitated by Sue Tidwell.

The workshop was not on 7 keys to prosperity,
or 7 keys to a successful life in ministry,
neither was it secret to a healthy lifestyle, and it was not on how to kill your enemies, and It was not a prophetic workshop either.

Rather it was a workshop on INTEGRITY.

This workshop and encounter with these wonderful men and women of GOD. Helped to lay the foundation for my life and ministry.
From this great servant of the Lord the hidden gifts and calling of the ministry of compassion and selfless service in the kingdom began to find expression.

The Lord used them to dig out the hidden treasures of love, compassion for children, less privileged and the vulnerable in our world.

Sitting under Mama Sue Tidwell for just two days in her workshop sealed my faith and my desires to walk in integrity above all else.

it's from Mama Sue's workshop, that I learned
it's more important to be right with God in our motives and intent than to have the fame and money in the world.

She taught me that being smart and anointed is not enough, but a man’s greatest asset is not his money or talent, but his integrity.

It was Mama Sue Tidwell and her team that gave me the name (COCA COLA – THE REAL THING) back then.

I have tried to live up to that name every day for the 26 years plus. Though there are days, that I fail terribly,

(the righteous falls seven times and rises again). Just refusing to accept defeat and depending on the Holy Spirit on a daily basis has helped me thus far.

I am still a work in progress

(If the foundation is faulty what can the righteous do?)
The right encounter will help lay the right foundation for your life.

Peter encountered Jesus and the right foundation was laid for his destiny. Peter went from a fisherman to fishers of men.

(Jesus did not teach him how to make millions, rather Jesus taught him how to make men)

Mary Magdalene had an encounter that changed her moral and spiritual life for good

The Samaritan woman by the well had an encounter that also changed her life and laid the foundation for a glorious life.
The above three encounters. Where not promised instant fame, power, power or any earthly rewards.

Theirs was a character transformation and eternal reward beyond what money can buy. On this foundation, their life was built.
And true to His word all other things that these men and women didn’t seek after came seeking for them.

(Seek first the kingdom of God, and all this other stuff shall be added to you free. money fame, power etc.)

Every genuine godly encounter should lead to character transformation that will produce a life of integrity and moral uprightness.

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Is not just about silver and gold. In fact, to reduce JEHOVAH JIREH,to mere earthly reward and prosperity, is the greatest insult in my mind to that precious name.

Jehovah Jireh is not about our earthly provision but our spiritual provision. Jehovah Jireh speaks to the salvation of man.
On this mountain. God shall provide Himself a Lamb for the sacrifice.

Base on His word and promise to Abraham and us, years later that same mountain, is where the Lord later provided the ultimate lamb for the sacrifice

# I pray that this passion week, The Lord will arrange a different kind of encounter for you, that will change your life for good.

# I pray that this Easter week, you will have an encounter that will change your focus from the earthly to the heavenly

# I pray this Easter season, you will encounter men and women that will show you the true heart of father God

# I pray this Easter, you will encounter men that will teach you how to find God and gold

# I pray you will have a different kind of encounter that will change you and instil in you the desire for God and not just gold.

# A different kind of encounter will cause you to speak the truth in boldness and in love

# A different kind of encounter that will make you a man and woman of integrity

# A different kind of encounter, that shall give the confidence and boldness of King Abimelech

(Genesis 20:5 -: Said he not unto me, she is my sister? and she, even she herself said, He is my brother: in the integrity of my heart and innocency of my hands have I done this)

I once heard someone say this;
"A voice of integrity may be silenced, but its message will continue. There is no legacy as rich as integrity."

Thank you, Mama Sue, for allowing yourself to be used of the Lord to impart destinies.

Happy resurrection week
Happy Easter to you all

God bless
John Oche Omale