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(Luke 1:44-: For, lo, as soon as the voice of thy salutation sounded in mine ears, the babe leaped in my womb for joy.)


# I pray the Lord will raise an Elizabeth for you in your time of distress and great pain

# May the Lord, send you, a true Elizabeth that will receive you when you have been rejected by men and ostracized by society

# When you feel down and worthless because of the mistakes of the past, may the Lord, send you, an Elizabeth, that will walk alongside you


# May the Lord place on your part, Elizabeth's that will bring out the best in you and the worst in you.

# May the Lord, send you women that will not be threatened or jealous of the greatest in your life

 # May the Lord, send you women, that will help birth the greatness in you


# May the Lord, send you women that will see the greatness in you

May the Lord, send you women that will lift you up in spite of your mistakes

# May the Lord, send you women that will show you the part to greatness, and not women that will pull you down


# May the Lord, send you women that will honour and celebrate the gifts of God in your life

# May the Lord, send you women who will show you, how to rise up when you fall, and not women who will put you down and keep you because they're threatened by what you carry inside of you


# May the Lord, surround your life, with women who will not use your brokenness against you, rather give you, an Elizabeth who encourage you and help you mend and help you heal from your brokenness and rejection

# Like little girl Mary. I say to you girl child, you're highly favoured and the Lord is with you

# I pray the Holy Spirit comes upon in power, and course, you to give birth to greatness

# I stare the womb, of your spirit for a great conception right now, in Jesus mighty name


# I declare unto you, child, that your generation shall celebrate you

# The womb of your spirit is pregnant with greatness and divine solution for your generation. I call forth that greatness in you, in Jesus name

# your mother's tears shall become your laughter

# And you shall no longer be made to pay for your mother's mistakes, in Jesus name

# You shall not be a victim of your mother's generational oppression, social silence, societal stigma and culture, in Jesus name


# The social, religious and cultural obstacles that stopped your mother, shall become your stepping stone to greatness, in Jesus mighty name

# Where your mother cried, you shall laugh. Where your mother failed you, shall succeed, in Jesus name

# Your mother's disappointments in life, are now coveted to appointments and lifting for you, in Jesus' name.


# The Lord shall use your life, to rewrite your mother's failure, in Jesus mighty name

# Your mother shall not weep over you, and your mother will not bury you, in Jesus mighty name

# Your generation shall hear you not because you're a half-naked Instagram slay, queen. No, they shall listen to you because you're God’s PRINCESS WARRIOR


# Your greatness is not in trying to be better than your brother. No, Your greatness is in you, being the best version yourself.

# Your feminity is a gift and blessing from God to be cherished and celebrated with godly pride.


# Wear you and do you with pride, honour and dignity.

# Step out and step up in godly style.

# Girl you worth it

# You are not a mistake girl child. Wear your identity, your individuality with great pride.

# Don't change you, for any reason, you are beautiful, just are you are. Don't change you for any person

Change if you must, to be the best version of yourself

# You are beautiful, you're marvellous, you're delicately, intricately, intimately and wonderfully woven together, by your father God


God Bless the girl child


From us all your

Father, brother, uncles, boyfriend and your future husband

John Oche Omale


Psalms 139:14 -: I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works;

and that my soul knoweth right well.