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# We have always attacked the biological male father, for being absent from the life, of their children, unfortunately, this is a sad reality.
# But what about spiritual absentee fathers?
(1 Corinthians 4:15-: For though ye have ten thousand instructors in Christ yet have ye not many fathers: for in Christ Jesus, I have begotten you through the gospel.)
# Who is a spiritual baby daddy?
# IS AN ABSENTEE-DADDY- He is that daddy who is expected or required to be present at a place or event but is not.
# He’s that daddy that does not consider you important enough to be present when you need his attention
# Spiritual baby daddies want all the privileges, of fatherhood, without parental responsibility, for their spiritual children
# Spiritual baby daddies, want your respect, but not your problems.
# Spiritual baby daddies want your, loyalty, but not your pain.
# Spiritual baby daddies want your services, but not your burden
# Spiritual baby daddies want you, to serve them, but will pretend not to know when you're in need.
# Spiritual baby daddies will use you, to meet their needs, but drop you, when you're in need.
# Spiritual baby daddies know how to preach on love, and giving sacrificially, but do not know how to love the broken and weak.
# Spiritual baby daddies, have no human feeling or compassion. They are only concerned about their selfish ego.
# Spiritual baby daddies, are experts, in projecting false humility and image of themselves to the outside world
# The only thing spiritual baby daddies know how to satisfy, is their lust
# Spiritual baby daddies only identify with you, when you're useful to them.
# Spiritual baby daddies are users and control freaks.
# Spiritual baby daddies are very good in the act of emotional manipulation and control.
# Spiritual baby daddies are experts in the act of intimidation and fearmongering.
# Spiritual baby daddies, are serial emotional abusers
# Spiritual baby daddies, use curses and threats to maintain their power and control over their so-called spiritual children
# Spiritual baby daddies, use all kinds of threats to keep people quiet and in line.
# Spiritual baby daddies, are very good, in the act of emotionally and mentally abusive, to the weak and vulnerable
# Spiritual baby daddies, are very loud, rude, and controlling
# Spiritual baby daddies are very proud and arrogant.
# Spiritual baby daddies are experts’ isolationists. (They will cut you off from people who genuinely love and care for you)
# Spiritual baby daddies are very good at the act of exaggerating the truth and stretching facts, just to gain your attention.
# Spiritual baby daddies are loud and unnecessary flashy.
# Spiritual baby daddies, are showmen (They are more worldly than the world itself)
# Spiritual baby daddies, thrive on false doctrine and promote old wives' tales (They are good storytellers)
# Spiritual baby daddies are very good in the act of seducing the unstable.
# Spiritual baby daddies are lovers, of pleasure and good times.
# Spiritual baby daddies are self-absorbed, selfish, and self-centred.
# Spiritual baby daddies do not like to be corrected or criticized.
# Spiritual baby daddies, are boastful and full of empty promises
# Spiritual baby daddies are experts in greed.
# Spiritual baby daddies are not teachable and are hardly open to correction.
# Spiritual baby daddies, are very defensive end secretive
ABSENTEE-: An absentee is a person who is expected to be in a particular place but who is not there. (E.G- In Your life)
# Spiritual baby daddies have Ph.D.- in disappointment. They are never there for you, when you, need them.
# Don't call a man your spiritual father, just because he's rich, famous, and popular
# Who is a father?
# A father is a loving provider, and a protector of all that’s placed under his care.
# A father Is one, who’s readily accessible and available.
# Are calling them, your spiritual father, because they are famous, rich, and popular?
# Is that Pastor, Bishop you, call your spiritual father, readily accessible and available?
# If not, then my friend what you, have is a spiritual baby daddy
# A father, is one who, takes care and full responsibility for all the lives, whiten his spiritual and physical jurisdiction.
# A Father is sound emotionally and spiritually, and he uses his gifts, time, and resources to nurture you, spiritually and emotionally.
# A father is one, who plays an active role, in the parenting and spiritual growth of a child.
# A father is one, who keeps the bad guys, bad influences, away and helps you, to make the right choices.
# Fathers don’t make choices for the children, but they help guide them into making the right choices in life.
# A father is a healthy, provider, protector, and disciplinarian in the family.
# A good and loving father should have a healthy (P.M.R) over your life.
# A father is visible and actively involved in the life of a child. (Is your spiritual father, actively, involved in your life?)
# Fathers are actively interested and involved in the day-to-day life of their children. Does the one you call your spiritual father, interested in your life?
# A father is a familiar and easily accessible figure in the life of a child. Do you have undeniable access to your spiritual father’s life?
# A father is always available to listen, guide and counsel you. is your spiritual father available to listen to you, when you need him?
# A father creates a safe spiritual and physical environment, for the child. (He makes you feel safe and secure) Do you feel safe with your spiritual father, or feel used and abused?
# A father is a dependable figure, in the life of a child. A father is there for the child, through thick and thin. Can you honestly say, you can count on your spiritual father when the chips are down?
# A father is actively compassionate and has a genuine concern about the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional well-being of the child.
# Is your spiritual father a bully and a control freak, or a loving, kind, and understanding man?
# A father openly, and publicly values, respect, loves, and adore the mother of the child and his children.
# Does your spiritual father, appreciate and celebrate you, publicly, as you do him?
# A father is openly positive and verbally expressive to the child and the mother. Does your spiritual father publicly commend your efforts?
# A Father is the first person you, run to when trouble comes knocking.
# A father is a familiar figure, in the journey of a child’s life.
# A father is always there to support your dreams, goals, and aspirations.
# Now can you, honestly say, the one you, call your spiritual Father, is any of the above?
# We have a lot of absentee spiritual fathers, in the church today.
# Often, we cannot altogether blame this spiritual baby daddy, no, no, some of us, are to blame.
# Because we ignorantly mortgage our spiritual well-being to men who are not capable of playing the role of a father in our lives.
# When we run to men to father us, because of their fame, or wealth- this is what we get. Spiritual baby daddies.
# That he is famous and rich does automatically qualifies him, to be called your spiritual father.
# And to the spiritual baby daddies, why give birth to children you cannot take care of?
# We are gradually becoming a generation of spiritual baby orphans, just so, you know.
# Like worldly, baby daddies, religious baby daddies have time for intercourse, but do not have time, for the product of that sexual intercourse
# We bring them into the church, to massage our egos, but we do not have time, to nurture and care for them.
# Spiritual baby daddies have time woo, you, but do not have time, to nurture, and love on you.
# Our churches are full of spiritual, father-less children.
# Why call a man who is not capable of functioning in the role of a father, your spiritual father, just because he’s popular or famous?
# Why call a man your father, when he's not accessible to you when you need help.
# Why call a man your, who is not a phone call away, or even a text, and email messages, away?
# The character of the one we believe in is important. Especially the one we call our spiritual father.
# Most of the people, you call your spiritual fathers, are nothing but spiritual- babies, trying to act the role of a spiritual father, hence you end up with a baby daddy.
# We have so many people in the church, with what we call the orphan spirit.
# We are spiritual orphans because we have ignorantly Mortgage our spiritual destiny, into the hands of spiritual predators.
# We have become spiritual orphans, because we are being pastored by destiny's tormentors, instead of sound spiritual mentors.
# This is my prayer, for you, that the Lord, will open the eyes of your understanding, through my long endless yakking!!
# That you will be free from every form of spiritual, emotional, and mental religious captivity, in Jesus' mighty
John Oche Omale
(And-I Come In Peace)