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(Job 22:28-: Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.)
# May the Light of God's hope and mercy arises out of your present dark and hopeless situation- in Jesus' mighty name
# May the God, of all hope, fill your heart with hope
# May the Lord, be gracious, merciful, and compassionate to you, and your family-
# May your days of sorrow and misery, end abruptly to the glory of God and the shame of the enemy
# May the Lord, guide you, in the part, of peace and righteousness, and bring you and your family, to your desired, habitation of rest and prosperity.
# May the Lord. Plant your feet on the solid rock of salvation and divine rest in the Holy Spirit.
# May the mighty hand of the Lord, secure you and your family, firmly in the shadows of His wings
# May the Lord, keep you and your family, far from every negative wind of distress and destruction - in Jesus' mighty name
# May the Lord, fill your heart with courage, and your mind with clarity, as you, fix your heart and mind on Him
# May that which you are afraid of never happen to you, or any member of your family - in Jesus' mighty name
# May the Lord, established the work of your hands, and grant you and your family, great success - in Jesus' mighty name
# I pray that your ears, shall not hear, of any evil report, concerning any member of your family or friends - in Jesus' mighty name
# I pray that your eyes, shall not behold, evil, and neither will sudden disaster come near you or any member of your household - in Jesus' mighty name
# I pray that the wish and the desires of the wicked concerning you, and your family, shall not come to pass, in Jesus' mighty name.
# I pray that the Lord will continue to show you and your family, mercy.
# I pray for the invisible walls of God, protection for you and your family, in all your going and coming - in Jesus' name
# Whatever will make you and your family, an object of ridicule and scorn to the world around - is not permitted to happen - in Jesus' name
# I pray that the Lord shall continue to be your defence and wall of great protection
# You and your family shall not be prey to the teeth of the enemy.
# I pray that - heaven will respond speedily to the cry and groaning of your heart, in Jesus' mighty name
(And It Shall End In Praise For You & Your Family )
John Oche Omale
God Bless