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{Malachi 4:2-: But unto you, that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings, and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.}

# I stop the spirit of fear from tormenting you, with lies, because of your present medical challenges 

# Rebuke the spirit of fear over your life, because of present medical challenges, in Jesus' mighty name.

# I join my voice and faith with hundreds of people praying for you and your family 

# I lay hold of God’s mercy seat as I intercede and stand the gap for your health and healing, in Jesus' mighty name 

# I stand on the righteousness and mercy of Christ Jesus, through the shed blood and finished work of the cross, to declare God’s mercy over you and your family. 

# And by the mandate of heaven, I canceled every negative report spoken over you or any members of your family. None of them shall come to pass, in Jesus' mighty name.

# Lord, Jesus. I thank you for your faithfulness and I bless you because You’re our shield of protection and the sun of glory round about us.

# By the sure mercy- of God. Lord, you shall grant your son, and your daughter, the desires of their hearts, which is healing in their mortal body.  In Jesus' mighty name.

# Even as the scriptures have said, so I believe, and i declare that your son, your daughter shall leap over this wall and obstacles of sickness and diseases, in Jesus' name.

# By the mandate of Heaven and authority in the name of Jesus - I speak healing to your mortal body, according, to the scriptures. By the stripes of the Lord, Jesus Christ you are healed.

# By the authority and power in the name and blood of Jesus. 

# I take authority and dominion over every disease, attacking your mortal body and which has a name. For, at the mention of the name Jesus, every knee must bow.

# Osteoporosis is a name
# Fibromyalgia is a name
# Cancer is a name. 
# Diabetes is a name. 
# Arthritis is a name
# Depression and Anxiety are a name

# And the name, of Jesus is a name, above all these names and many more. 

# In Jesus' name, I serve these names eviction notice 

# I take authority and dominion over any of these names, harassing you, and making life unbearable for you and your family. 

# In Jesus' mighty name, I command the one harassing you, to bow out of your life. I speak peace, health, and healing to you.

# By the mandate of heaven, we serve an eviction notice, to every troubler of your health and life, In Jesus' mighty name.

# The scriptures, say, unto us that belief shall the sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings.

# By our faith in Christ Jesus - we say let the sun of righteousness, And the fire of holy spirits, create a spiritual radiation therapy for your son, your daughter, right now in Jesus' mighty name.

# Lord Jesus, we ask that your sun of righteousness will rise, with healing in its wings, over your son and your daughter this moment, in Jesus' mighty name.

# Lord Jesus, we ask according to your tender mercy- to send your angels, to flap their wings, of healing on your son, and your daughter tonight. 

# Lord Jesus, let ministering angels drip your children with heavenly medicines, for their healing and divine restoration - in Jesus' name.

# I pray and ask for the invisible hand of the Lord, to lift children up and out of their bed of affliction - in Jesus' mighty name.

# Child of God, may the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead, quicken you, out of that bed of pain and affliction in Jesus' mighty name.

# The scriptures, say any tree not planted by the father shall be uprooted 

# By the authority of the word and name Jesus the Christ of God. I speak to every tree of medical complications in your life. Be uprooted in Jesus' mighty name.

# I speak to every organ in your body, that's not functioning well, to receive life, according to scriptures, in Jesus' mighty name.

# Any disease affecting your organs, causing you pain and discomfort, is that wrong tree, not planted by our heavenly father, and it's now growing in the wrong places in your life.

# By the mandate of heaven. I command all illegal trees of sickness and diseases, growing in your life, uprooted - in Jesus mighty.

# The scripture says that the rod of the wicked is not permitted to rest on the lot of the righteous.

# Because you and your family are righteous and beloved of the Lord. Therefore, on the authority of the scriptures, we terminate the effects of the rods of the wicked in the forms of sickness and diseases, in your life, in Jesus' mighty name.

 # By the power in the voice of the blood of Jesus, I decree and declare that rod of the wicked in forms of sickness and diseases, you are no longer permitted to rest on this covenant child of the highest anymore, according to the scriptures, in Jesus' mighty name.

# By the authority in the name of Jesus. I serve sickness and diseases, along with their symptoms and side effects, an eviction notice, in Jesus' mighty name.

(Jeremiah 23:29-: Is not my word like as a fire? saith the Lord; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?)

# I released by faith, the fire of the Holy Spirit to begin to radiate and realign every dysfunctional organ of your body, in Jesus' name

# By the power in the blood of Jesus. We declare -Let the hammer of God's word, start to break into pieces every tumor in your body, in Jesus' name.

# By the sure mercy- of the Lord Jesus Christ. I declare in faith that you shall live and not die to declare the words and do works of the Lord, in the land of the living.

# I cover you with the blood of Jesus Christ 

# I speak the peace of the Holy Spirit over your life and every member of your family.

# It shall be well still & it shall End in Praise 

Ochegba - & I Speak LIFE