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Be A Mary Kind Of Woman!

(Luke 1:44-: As soon as the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy.)

# May the Lord, give you, a word of encouragement, a prayer of hope and assurance, that will stare up that hopeless woman in her spirit -:
to start dreaming again,
to start believing again,
to start hoping again.

# A word of life, that will jolt that stagnant destiny in the spiritual womb that of that woman to start leaping for joy.

# A word from you, that will motivate that woman to stand up and try one more time

# Be a Mary, to that Elizabeth who is pregnant with hope and expectations

# Let your greetings and words be full of life, and not death and criticism

# Let your words be seasoned with the salt of kindness and dreams preservatives and not death and destructions.

# Woman, you are a life-giver and game-changer. It is time for you to arise and change the narrative with your words of hope and encouragement for that one woman.

# Let your words build her up and not tear her down

# Learn to be a daughter of encouragement to your fellow women and not a jealous and cynical friend

# Woman speak life, in place death

# Woman stop amplifying the spirit of fear and anxiety in the atmosphere with your words

# Woman, there's enough negativity coming from the news and on social media. Be the voice of hope and a giver of life, that you are.

# Learn to be your sister's keeper and not her killer

# Woman, your sons, brothers, fathers and husbands, are waiting for you.

# Deborah this is your time, your season, to arise and lead, in love and humility of heart and spirit

( And It Shall End In Praise)

John Oche Omale

God Bless