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MARY-: Mary though young has a deep understanding of the human suffering and the pain that comes with rejection and deferred hope.

 # M- merciful- treat others with extreme kindness, love and compassion

# A-accountable- joyfully & willing submitted & answerable to God

# R- relational - healthy emotional, & spiritual relationship with God & man

# Y- Yield- yielded joyfully to the Holy Spirit-

(Luke 1:44-: As soon as the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy.)

# May you be the reason why another woman like you, will leap for joy, and not bow her head in shame and defeat

# May the Holy Spirit, put a word of life, in your mouth, that will jolt that stagnant destiny in the spiritual womb of that woman to start leaping for joy.

# Woman be a Naomi to a Ruth 
# Be a Mary, to that Elizabeth who is pregnant with hope and expectations 

# Let your words and greetings and words be full of life, and not death and criticism 

# May you be that voice of hope and encouragement, to that woman who is feeling hopeless and broken in spirit.  

# May the Lord, give you, a word of encouragement, for another woman just like you and not words of criticism 

# May the Lord give you, the strength to lift up another woman like in prayers and not put her down. 

# May the Lord, give you, a voice that speaks hope and assurance, to other women like you, and not a voice that speaks fear and failure to them

# May the Lord, help you to make a positive impact and impression on another woman in your sphere of influence 

# May you be the reason another woman like you, would find the courage to start dreaming again

# May you be the reason another woman like you, would find the strength to start believing again

# May you be the reason another woman like you, would find a reason to start hoping again.

# May the Holy Spirit give you, a word for that one woman- that will motivate and stare her up and move her with the courage not to give up, but try one more time 

# Woman let your words to another woman like yourself, be seasoned with the salt of kindness, the salt of peace, hope, and joy.

# Woman be a dream preserver to another woman like yourself and not a dream killer. 

# Women be your sister's keeper and not your sister's killer.

# Women be another woman's defender and protector and not her destroyer 

# Woman like salt, be a preservative of other women's destinies and not their agents of death and destruction.

# Woman, you are a life-giver and game-changer. It is time for you to arise and change the narrative with your words of hope and encouragement for that one woman.

# Woman let your words build other women like you, up and not tear them down 

# Woman Learn to be a daughter of encouragement to your fellow women and not a jealous, competitive and cynical friend 

# Women speak life, in place of death

# Woman stop amplifying the spirit of fear and anxiety in the atmosphere with your words 

# Woman, there's enough negativity coming from the news and on social media. 

# Woman Be the voice of hope and a giver of life, that you are.

# Woman, your sons, brothers, fathers and husbands, are waiting for you. 

# Naomi Ruth is waiting for you 
# Mary Martha is looking up to you, don't stop worshiping

# Deborah this is your time, your season, to arise and lead your family and friends in love, and the power of the Holy Spirit, in the humility of heart and spirit 

# Mountain-strong woman, remember the Rock from which you were hewn. And stand strong in your faith and hope

# Woman of faith this is not the time to draw back and accept defeat. 
# Jesus warrior princess, this is not the time to allow the world to define you, by your weaknesses and past mistakes 

# Keep fighting, keep hoping, keep trusting and keep believing 

# And It Shall End In Praise
# Am- Ochegba-& I Speak Life


God Bless