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# To the weary and sorrowful hearts- I say be comforted.

# To the soul surrounded by this thick darkness of sorrow and hopelessness- I say be comforted

# To the grieving and mourning soul - I say be comforted.

# To the hurting and angry soul- I speak tenderly to you. It shall be well still.

# To the heart with so many unanswered questions - I say He understands.

# To the heart with many why’s- I say He feels you.

# To the broken and wounded heart- I say He feels your pain.

# To the heart tempted to be bitter and angry with Him- I say He understands.

# To the heart that feels, so lost and confused - I say, you're not alone - He's closer than you think

# To why bad things happen to good people - I say it’s a mystery that only He understands.

# To the many questions that the angry and broken soul, may never find an answer to, on this side of heaven. I say it is well with you, our soul

# I do not know when and I do not know-how. But I believe everything is still going to be alright.

# So I say to you, my brother, my sister- again and again, be comforted

# To the bitter end resentful soul- Again I say be comforted

# To the angry and confused soul- I say again be comforted

# Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow- when I do not know.

# But every valley of pain and the brokenness of your heart will be lifted and filled with joy again-you see

# And every insurmountable mountain and hill of pain and sorrows will be levelled down

# Soon, and very soon, the uneven grounds of despair and discomfort around you will become smooth again - I encourage you to hand in there

# Soon, and very soon the rough places, of your life created by your present crisis, shall become smooth again

# It may look impossible right now, and even hard to believe, but in no distant, time, from now, the glory of the LORD will appear, all over you,
and all humanity together will see it.

# My heart bleeds for you and with you, and so does the father's heart.

# (But It Will Still End In Praise)

John Oche Omale