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(Revelation 3:8-: I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.)
Greetings from the Mountain Strong Church Family Of GC- to you and your precious family.
First, I want to celebrate you and your family for holding on and keeping it together despite all that has happened in our world in the last 18 months plus.
By the grace of God, we’ve made it through another 12 months of evolving restrictions with new and old protocols.
While many were breaking down, you and your family in faith broke through.
While many were losing their mind and even relationships on the account of the new world orders, you kept the faith and bond of fellowship with God and with your family strong and tight, for that We give God the praise.
You did not allow fear to take hold of your mind and cripple your very existence, for this I say thank you, God.
You did not allow fear to turn you against your family and friends, for this, I say thank you, God.
Some of you made personal sacrifices, some of you put your comfort and safety on the line. Despite the high level of fear and anxiety in our world, you in faith and holy boldness allowed the light of Christ to keep shinning strong through you with your love and giving, for this, I say thank you.
I am reminded of a southern African sister who put her family’s life on the line by welcoming an elderly woman dying of covid into her home.
She broke all medical and human protocol just to shine the light and the love of Christ to a dying soul. A true story that I am not at liberty to share the person’s identity.
I know there are many more stories like this one amongst us, because of your love and the giving of yourself you fulfilled the scriptures by allowing your light to shine.
(Matthew 5:16- Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.)
I know that many of you went out of your way to be a light and hope givers to many in your family and communities in the last 18-months plus.
Thank you for not giving in to fear, thank you for allowing yourselves to be used of the Lord at the time it mattered the most.
For not allowing fear to destroy your relationship with God, your friends, and your family I say thank you.
I want to encourage you to continue to stand strong and firm in your faith and trust in God, for any moment from now, your heaven will open, and He that will come and not delay.
(Hebrews 10:37-: For, “In just a little while, he who is coming will come and will not delay.)
He is coming to your home with joy unspeakable- As we are coming out of our season of shift, a shift already happened and many have been sifted. And many have been replanted and repositioned in the spirit without knowing.
Those of you who stood your ground in the face of so many adversities and challenges, I see your heaven opening.
Some of you who are very sensitive in the spirit are already aware of their new repositioning because you are in tune with the Lord and the Holy Spirit.
This is what the Lord is saying to you and I people of God.
-For those of you that stayed connected to me, throughout the season of shifting-
as you start praising me in this new season of great joy, I will begin to unveil and make the next season of your life clearer and clearer to you says The Lord.
I encourage you to stay connected with me through praise and deep worship says the Holy Spirit
Cultivate a of culture, of worship. Cultivate a culture of being aware of my presence wherever you are.
Teach your family and yourself the act of dwelling in the secret place of worship and fellowship- says the Lord.
In this new season of joy unspeakable, do not allow anything to hinder you from deep fellowship with The Holy Spirit. Be very intentional in cultivating that deep relationship with me, says the Lord.
Take your focus and attention off the negativities of the world, make efforts every day to seek me for the enemy is going to try to distract you,
confuse you, and project fear into your heart, but keep reaching out for me, keep digging down deep to draw with joy from my well of salvation- says the Lord.
(Isaiah 12:3-: Therefore, with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation)
For you to experience this joy unspeakable you must endeavour to restore your broken relationships with the Lord before you can see the manifestation of His joy in your life.
The Joy of Lord and rejoicing in the Lord comes to prepare you for what is coming- open heaven.
Let us start rejoicing in the Lord before taking delivery of the promises in His word
Let us start rejoicing in the Lord as a message to the world that our heart is at peace.
Let us start rejoicing even before seeing the fulfillment of the promises of God to us as a sign to the world that faithful is He that has promised, and He will do it.
Let us start rejoicing before we take full delivery of the deliverance and restoration promised to us by the Lord.
Let us rejoice in the God of our salvation as a statement of faith to the world that it's not dependant on our efforts, but its of God that showed us mercy.
Let us start rejoicing in the Lord that the world might know that it is The Lord who qualifies us to share in the inheritance of His kingdom out of the goodness of His heart and His love for us.
We are entering into a new dimension of the manifestation of faith true joy unspeakable.
May The Joy of The Lord make you impactful. May the joy of The Lord make you and your family joyfully contagious from now on, in Jesus mighty name.
May The Lord Jesus give you and your family that sustaining joy in the waiting room of great expectations –
Welcome to our Season of Joy Unspeakable and open heaven for Joy Cometh.
Finally, May the Lord surround you with people that will cause your hearts to leap for joy and not sorrow from this day on, in Jesus mighty name
Pastor John Oche Omale-
FOR CMA staff, board members and the entire church family
God Bless
(This is our Christmas Greetings, Encouragement & letter, to you, from the mountain strong town of Grande Cache)