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By The Mandate Of Heaven
The Authority Of The Voice Of The Blood Of Christ
And The Authority In The Name Of Christ Jesus.
I Pray & And Bless You Today.
# The Lord bless and keep you, in your going in and in your coming out
# The Lord, bless and keep you, in your standing up and in your sitting down
# May the Lord show you mercy and be gracious unto you and your family
# My the Lord, grant you peace and heal, your body, soul, and spirit
# May the Lord turn around your captivity and fill your heart and mouth with new songs of deliverance
# May the Lord wipe away your hidden and secret tears of gloom and turn your mourning into dancing
# May the Lord wipe away your tears and give double for every trouble that made you cry, in Jesus mighty name
# May the Lord restore all that the enemy has stolen from you and your family
# May the Lord, take away every generational reproach and stigma, that has made you and your family an object of ridicule and mockery amongst men
# May the Lord, fill your heart with joy and your mouth with laughter
# May the Lord causes all your plans and dreams to succeed
# May the Lord do for you, what no man can do
# May the Lord give you, speed and motions where you, have experienced stagnation
# May the Lord grant you, your heart desires.
# May the Lord lift you up, above and beyond your wildest dream
# The Lord shall lift you, from the pit of failure and shame to a place prominence
# The Lord, shall lift you, from the prison-house of defeat and failure to the place of hope new beginning
# May the Lord lift you, up from the dust of despair and depressions
# May the Lord grant you peace that passes all human understanding
# The Lord shall cause you, to forget the shame and disgrace of yesterday
# In the place where you have been put to shame, in the same place, you shall be honoured
# The place of your humiliation and rejection shall become your place of Honour and dignity
# The place of your disappointment shall turn to be your place of promotion
# And stay blessed and strong in God's love.
John Oche Omale
God bless