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Do Not Fear What They Fear:
( CMA- Our Declaration)
(Isaiah 8:12 -: “Do not call conspiracy everything these people calls a conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it.)
# As you wait patiently for the Lord, know this truth and walk in them, and fear and the terror of the enemy will lose its hold over you. In Jesus' name.
# Always remember that in Christ you live, move and have your being.
# That your life is hidden in Christ and in Christ in God.
# That greater is He, that is in you, than all the host of hell working against you in this world.
# That you are the righteousness of God, in Christ.
# That no good thing will your God, hold back from you.
# That your God, is your sun, your shields and your exceeding great reward.
# That you are more than conquerors through Christ who empowers you, to accomplish above and beyond your expectations.
# That your God, is able at all times, to do abundantly above all you can think or even imagine.
# That your God will never leave you or forsake you.
# That, though a mother may forget her child, your God will never forget you.
# That the Lord, your God, has engraved you, in the palms of His hands, and your walls are ever before Him.
# And with the Lord, by your side you, will leap over every obstacle and wall of obstruction.
# That you are never afraid of tens of thousands that come against you.
# That, you are dwelling in the secret place of the most High God
# That, you are perpetually abiding under the wings and shadow of the Almighty.
# That, you make bold to say, that the Lord, is your refuge and your fortress, and no man born of a woman can harm or hurt you.
# That, you shall continue to allow the words of Christ to dwell richly in you, at all times, and in every situation.
# That, you know, the truth and the truth of Christ's word, has set you free from sins and sorrow.
# That, whatever is committed to the Lord, He's able to keep.
# And because you have committed everything that has to do with you and your family, into the able and capable hands of the Lord,
# You will say, with absolute confidence, that He will keep you from falling, and from being devoured by the enemy.
# (Praise the Lord And Every Thing Shall End In Praise)
John Oche Omale