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As you navigate through -:-

the dark valleys of sickness

The dark valleys of death of a loved one

the dark valley of divorce and separation

The dark valley of a loss of job or bankcrupcy 

The dark valley of substance addictions

The dark valley of depression and despair

The dark valley of suicidal thought and hopeleness 

The dark valley of fear of failure and disappointment 


No matter how dark your valley is today, remember child of God. Our God has promised us, that He will be with us always, even up to the end of times, ages and all stages of our lives.

He said He will never leave nor forsake us.

No matter how dark your valley is today. Remember the words of our brother King David that says

 “though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, my God is always with me”


You may feel alone and abandoned in your valley of ...................

That is a lie from the pit of hell. You are not alone. God is watching over you and He’s always with you. ( OUR HEAVENLY FATHER IS OUR INVISIBLE, EVER PRESENT HELP IN TIMES OF NEED )

“for Him who watches over you and me, never sleeps nor slumber”


As you navigate your way through your valleys today. I want you to be comforted and encouraged in this knowledge, that the all-powerful God, your father is watching over you, and at the fullness of time, everything shall turn around and working for your good. In Jesus mighty name.


His ears are not deaf that He cannot hear you, nor are His arms too shut to save. He is a faithful Father  and a promise keeper.


He said ” we shall call upon Him, and He shall answer us, and He will be with us in all our troubles, 

( He is not the kind of father that abandons His own, in their times of trouble or hours of need) 

He will not only deliver us from trouble, But He will also honour us, and give us double blessings for standing strong in our times of trouble and not abandoning the faith.


Be encouraged for your loving father has prepared a big banquet feast of victory for you, at the end of this dark Valley experience of yours.

Your journey of life is not going to end in this Valley 

Child of God receives strength and encouragement to walk through your Valley and not run out in haste before the process of your character formation and transformation is completed by the Holy Spirit.


Hear this, a valley is a place of great character formation and transformation. Stand strong and walk through it with your chin up and shoulder high. For Your, God is walking the whole distance with you 


Hear this ”Much of God’s work is done in a secret place called the valley because you would not die to yourself if He always visibly stretched out His hands to save you ”



God bless