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Every Picture Tells A Story -

(Dedicating This Write Up To All The Victims Of Social Media Bullying)

# Be bold, be intentional in telling your stories, and tell them with absolute confidence and humility. Do not allow anyone bully or intimidate you into silence. It's your story, and tell it you should

# Your scars are your badge of honour

You're a survival, you made it this far- so tell us your story


# You have more fans than shamers-  So tell your story

You have more admirers than haters - So tell your story


# You have more people cheering you on than you think - so tell them your story

# Some of your stories may be ugly and sad, still tell it anyhow

Some of your stories, maybe full of pain and suffering, still, tell us we want to hear it from you


# Some of your stories may sound boring and uninteresting to some people, it's still your story tell it anyhow


# Some of your stories may be depressing and discouraging, still tell us, we want to hear it, from you

# Some of your stories may sound too good to be true, still, tell it with confidence, it's your life and your story


# Your stories may encourage some people and discourage some, yet we beg you to tell us anyhow


# Your stories may motivate some and challenge some, so tell your story with great confidence and joy

# Your story will make some hate you and some love you, for your honesty. It's all about your freedom to express yourself without the fear of haters - go ahead tell your story


# Your story will make some jealous of you and some envy you

Your story will make some call you proud and arrogant, it is still your story-tell it

# Your story is what made you who you are, today

Tell it, I say tell your stories with confidence

# Use words if you have to

# Use letters if you have to

# Most of all use pictures if you have to- it's life and your story


# Do not allow anyone, rob you of the right to tell your story

# Do not allow anyone to bully you into not telling your story

# Do not allow anyone to tell your story for you, good or bad

# You are a survival tell us your story

# Tell us how you made it through that, difficult situation when everyone gave up on you, tell us that story

# You may have failed many times over but you are still here, tell us your story and show us, your new you, that beats the odds stacked against you


# You may not live where they live

# You may not drive what they drive

# You may not have what they have

# Yet, you have something, don't be intimidated into losing your voice because you do not look like, dress like them


# Do not lose your originality and your authenticity

# Your story may not be as flashy, and cool as theirs, but you still have a story, you are still here

# Just so you know, some stories are not as they seem sometimes. There's more than meets the eye


# Stop comparing your life, to something that isn't real

# Stop trying to be something that isn't real


# Stop being bitter and frustrated over something that isn't real

# Stop feeling sad and depressed because you think their life is better than yours

# Stop imitating and start staying true to yourself

# Stop trying to be a fake instead of the original you


# You're too beautiful to be a fake

# You were created to be original and authentic, please don't devalue yourself - stay original stay you

# Do not change your story to fit anyone's narrative


# Do not stop doing the original you because someone out there, do not like the original you.


# Always stay true to who you are and whose you are

# Do not stop Loving you, because some sorry miserable soul out there, do not like you


# Do not let anyone bully or intimidate you into stopping you from doing you

# Do not allow yourself to be bullied into becoming someone or something you're not


# Just so you know, haters, Facebook, is also called (FACE IN THE BOOK ) if you don't like their face or you are tired of looking at their faces, unfriend them and give yourself peace. But don't stop them, from telling their stories.


# For every one person that does not like your story, I bet you, there are ten more people out there that love and can not wait to hear your stories

# Like my elders would say, No matter how ugly the baby monkey is, the mama monkey still breastfeeds her child - learn to mind your business and let people be.


# And you stop being intimidated by all them, sad, miserable people out there. And open your mouth and confidently tell us your stories and show us those beautiful pictures.

# Your real fans and friends are confident and secure, self-assured, confident people.


# Your real fans are true themselves and they are true to you, they'll build you -up they will not tear you down

# To your true fans, you owe your stories and they are your real audience and we can't wait to see and hear your next story


# Stop giving power to sad insecure and miserable people around you, to shame you into silence, anxiety, low self-esteem and depression

# Tell us how you turned your disappointments into these beautiful pictures


# Tell us how you turned your sorrows, abusive relationship, betrayers, pains and failures into this beautiful priceless masterpiece work of art


We are waiting for your story - Tell us

(Psalms 139:14-: I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works;

and that my soul knoweth right well.)


God Bless

John Oche Omale

(Your Fan and your friend)

Ochegba -& the Lion Roar