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# Jesus our burden-bearing - sees and cares

{Matthew 11:28-: Come to me, all you who are troubled and weighted down with care, and I will give you rest.}

# Whatever you're going through today, no matter how terrible, your situation is -God will come through for you

# I stand on the sure mercy of God, to declare over you, that you shall not be mocked for serving and putting all of your trust in God.

# I stand On the authority of Jesus Christ, to decree an end to your present struggles

# Wherever you have been victimized and taken advantage of. The Lord your God, shall give you double victory for your troubles

# You shall not end your life, in defeat and destitution but in victory

# I stand on the sure mercy of God, to speak over your life. You shall no longer be an object of ridicule and mockery before your adversary anymore, in Jesus' mighty name

# The desires of the wicked shall not come to pass, in your life.

# I see your dark days of pain and defeat coming to a glorious end

# I speak these words of encouragement over you.

# Though your hope, may be delayed it is not denied. I see the end of your, struggles insight

# That which you fear and dread greatly will never come to pass, in your life, in Jesus' mighty name

# It will end in honour and not in shame, for you.

# It will all end in joy for you and your family, and not in sorrow.

# You and your family, shall spend your days in prosperity and peace of the Holy Spirit, and not in pain and anguish of the soul

# I stand on the sure mercy of our heavenly father, to say to you. It will end in praise and not in sorrow for you.


{Am your brother -
Ochegba -& I Speak Life}

God Bless