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Judges 6:12-: And the angel of the Lord appeared unto him, and said unto him, The Lord is with thee, thou mighty man of valour.

# I hear the Spirit of God, saying - that the Gideon’s of this generation are hiding in the threshing floors.

# But the time and season have come for them to step out and be counted. This is their season

# And their threshing floors are their business and workplaces.

There is a call out to you, the Lord has need of you.

# For the old priests and the old religious guards have failed this generation.

Gideon, It is time for you, to step up and step out in the power of the Spirit.

You don't need to carry the title of a pastor, priest, evangelist or prophet to qualify and be used in this next move of God,

# Gideon. All you need is a broken and a contrite heart with a dose of humility

# That business of yours is your God-given tool to pull down the kingdom of darkness- Recieve grace and boldness to be effective in the market place.

# That gift of writing is your God -given tools to take the gospel to the market, place use it proudly for His glory.

# That journalistic gift of yours is your weapon of war, for the kingdom.

# Are you a
fashion designer,
insurance brokers,
coal, and gold miners,
mechanics, teacher, professor,
and military officer,
whatever your profession or trade is, child of God, this is your season, the Lord, wants to use you, just as you are,

you don't have to change your trade or profession before the Lord can use you.

# That gift and talent in you, is your God, given tool to pull down the kingdom of darkness.

# That job is your tool use it for His glory.

# You stay at home mom yours is a high calling like no other pour out love and strength as you train your male and female Gideons for the great future ahead

# Like Gideon of old, the Lord is calling you to come out of your hiding places, in the power of the Holy Spirit, as mighty men and women of valour and of war, in Jesus mighty name.

# The world is waiting for you -
# This is your season, this is your time.

John Oche Omale
God Bless