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Good And Faithful Servant -
# Dedicating This To All My Good Pastor Friends
# And All Who Plays The Role of A Pastor, In My life, Without The Title Of A Pastor To Their Names:
(Psalms 89:20-21-: I have found David my servant; with my holy oil have I anointed him: With whom my hand shall be established: mine arm also shall strengthen him.)
# Not all pastors are in the ministry for money or fame.
# Not all pastors are serving for selfish reasons
# Not all pastors are bleeding the flocks
# Not all pastors are after your money
# Not all pastors are bad.
# Not all pastors are seeking the popularity and riches of this world at all costs.
# Not all pastors want to be known all over the world
# Not all pastors want to have a megachurch
# Not all pastors are carnal and shallow
# Not all pastors are selfish and self-seeking
# Not all pastors are proud and rude
# Not all pastors are fakes
# Not all pastors are living a double life
# Not all pastors are prayerless and powerless, in the real sense of kingdom, godly power.
# Please while you’re busy criticizing and putting pastors down.
# We have pastors who are genuinely bleeding for the sheep of the Lord in their care
# We have pastors that genuinely loves the sheep of the Lord in their care
# We have pastors that are genuinely praying for you
# We have pastors who are genuinely serving in the kingdom of God, in truth and the spirit of love.
# We have a pastor somewhere in the world right now, that cannot provide a decent meal for his or her family but is faithful in the vineyard of the Lord.
# There’s a pastor out there, somewhere depress and discouraged, yet still faithfully showing up for duty.
# There’s a pastor out there, somewhere getting ready to quit, but still hanging in there, willing to try just one more time.
# There is a pastor out there, somewhere dealing with false accusations and allegations, but still soldiering on.
# There’s a pastor out there, somewhere contemplating suicide - not because of sin but because he or she has been made to feel like a failure. But he's still hanging in by the thread.
# There's a pastor out there, somewhere who is tired of being bullied and intimidated by members of his congregation, but still keeping up the appearances
# There's a pastor out there, tired, of being looked down upon by some city sleeker fellow pastors, but still humbly serving the Lord, in that village
# Before you judge, before you criticize, before you analyze that pastor, you think you know, with your religious legalistic mind. PRAY
# Please before you beat on your pastors. Please first make out time to Pray for them
# Before you, condemn that pastor Make out time to pray for him or her
# Your pastor may not be a big-time tv or Internet star, but he's the one you call, whenever you are in trouble.
# Stop taking your local pastor for granted because he or she is easily accessible.
# Stop celebrating pastor that does not know you, just because they are big and famous
# Stop looking down on pastors because they are in a small town and a small congregation.
# Celebrate and honour pastors, because of the size of their hearts, and not because of the size of their church or bank account
# Make out time to encourage a pastor if you can
# Make out time to bless a pastor today if you can
# Please show that village pastor some love, not just your city's big-time pastor.
# Spread some love today, not just wait for a special occasion. Make today, special for a pastor.
I come in peace
( And It Shall End In Praise)
God Bless
John Oche Omale