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Good Night Meletha Parsons

(Psalms 116:15-: Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.)

# The question It's not how we die, but when we die- For we must all die, how ready and prepared are you?

# A date with death is a most for all mortals.

# The rich are not exempted from it. It does not come to you because you are poor.

# The strong and mighty bows, to it's beckoning without resistance.

# The weak are treated no different by the power of the grave.

# The call of death is the only call that does discriminate against you based on your colour, gender, or social pedigree.

# I have seen the rich and powerful turn to jellyfish when confronted by the all mysterious and elusive death.

# I have also seen weak and frail, grandma and grandpa's, look at the same death mystirium and laugh at it.

# Because life is not the dying, but in the living

# I have seen men and women laugh at death. Because they know in whom they believe

# I have seen these special breeds of men and women look at that monster, called death straight in the face, and said you have nothing on me.

# While others bows, with fear and trembling before this death mystirium.

# These special breeds of people face death mystirium with boldness, devoid of fear and anxiety. Meletha Parsons, was one of them.

# What makes these unique breeds of people special?

# Their boldness and peace in the face of death mysterium

# I found out was a function of a deep-rooted relationship with a man who already conquered death mystirium over two thousand years ago. These special breeds.

# These elite squads all, have one in common. Old, young, rich or poor, weak or powerful, black and white.

# I found out that they all have a special relationship with this great man.

# They don't just know about Him, they know Him, know Him.

# They don't just go to His house, they carry Him in their hearts. They are mem and women full of contagious, love and forgiveness.

# They are men and women who always, before their translation, have one testimony that their lives pleased both God and man.

# I have the honour of meeting one of these elite squad by the name. Meletha Parsons.

# Here she was in unimaginable and indescribable pain. Yet pleasant to behold

# Here she was at the gates of death, yet no fear, no anger

# Here she was in pain and discomfort, yet still full of grace and kindness.

# Here she was frail and weak, yet still full of love and compassion for her family.

# Here she was in pain and discomfort, and one of her last few words - were (MY GOD IS FAITHFULL)

# From this lovely and special breed woman of faith,
# I learned that if we keep faith in our darkest hours, our heavenly father will keep revealing Himself to us, even in darkness.

# By looking at her, I understand that the silence of heaven is the echo of peace in our heart

# It takes a different kind of revelation and relationship with God to see His goodness amid your pain and suffering - I learnt that from you Meletha Parsons

# Her life thought me this great lesson again - and again

# She was a very tender soul. Even in her sickness and pain, she was still a joy to be with

# Keep Resting On That Great Mountain Of God's Peace - You earned it.
Good Night. Meletha Parsons

(And It Will Still End Praise)

John Oche Omale