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AbortionInternFundingInterview January 31st, 2017Last week, President Trump signed an executive order to stop US funding of international abortions. We were grateful for this action because it will save lives.Unfortunately in response to President Trump's action our own Prime Minister is taking the exact opposite tone and considering beefing up Canada's funding of international abortion. Click here to read more.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Cabinet Ministers have indicated they are strongly considering joining forces with Denmark and 15-20 other countries in establishing a $600 million fund to cover abortions no longer funded by the US.Canadians who conscientiously object to the killing of the unborn are already forced to participate abortion against their will because of the more than 100,000 tax funded abortions which take place in Canada every year. In addition to this, last year the Liberals allocated approximately $750 million to go towards global maternal and child "health services", including abortion.Now is an extremely important moment to take action and let our leaders know that we do not want more of our tax dollars to go to the killing of the unborn.


1) STEP ONE: TELEPHONE YOUR MP, THE PRIME MINISTER AND THE MINISTER OF INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENTWe know it can be intimidating but picking up the phone and making a 2 minute call to your MP, the Prime Minister's office and Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau is a very impacting action step we can all take right now.YOUR MP: Find your MP's "hill office" phone number by clicking here.PRIME MINISTER TRUDEAU 613-995-0253 514-277-6020MINISTER MARIE-CLAUDE BIBEAU 613-995-2024 819-347-2598Feel free to use the talking points below and get a direct answer to this question: "Does MP [name] support the use of Canadian tax payer dollars to fund overseas abortions?"If you find that your MP gets back to you and is on the same page please let us know (by replying to this e-mail) so we can be in touch with them regarding strategies in the House of Commons.2) STEP TWO: FOLLOW IT UP THE NEXT DAY WITH AN E-MAILPlease follow up your phone-call with a quick e-mail the following day. To make it easy, you can use this pre-written letter and simply edit the intro to mention your phone call, thank them for taking the time, and re-iterate your concern.You can also write your own letter and simply e-mail them directly. Often a personal letter from your heart is more impacting than a form letter.YOUR MP: Find your MP's e-mail address by clicking here.PRIME MINISTER TRUDEAU pmo@gc.caMINISTER MARIE-CLAUDE BIBEAU Marie-Claude.Bibeau@parl.gc.caTALKING POINTS:▪▪ You recently heard that the Canadian government was looking to expand on their funding of abortion overseas;▪▪ You do not support your tax dollars going to pay for abortion at home or overseas;▪▪ Pregnant women in developing countries are in desperate need of medicine, clean water, and maternal health - not abortion!


3) PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THE WORD:Please watch this video and take a moment to share it on your social media so that others can get involved on this important action.4) SHARE THE GRAPHIC:Please also share the graphic below on your social media to encourage others to call PM Trudeau and the Minister of International Development.

Thank you for taking action!


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