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Hello, my wonderful people of Grande Cache.
Be encouraged,
Let's stay strong and hopeful.
For, Even this shall pass.

Let's activate that strong resilient spirit, of love and support for each other, that got us through difficult times, in the past.
Yes, we can. We are no strangers, to tough times
Grande Cache, we eat, tough, for snacks (hahaha)

We are Grande Cacheians. We will pull through this.
Together, we can do this. We are mountain people.
We are mountain strong.
Like the mountains we are unmoveable and unshakable. We are strong together

CMA Church family is here, for you. We do not have toilet papers, though, (hahaha)

But we have a little light we, are willing to let shine. Some love and words of encouragement and encouragement to give.
We here, for you, and we are in this together.
And together we shall overcome

Call us, if you need someone to talk to (780 827 2636)

Send us your prayer request if you would like us to pray for you and with you. ([email protected]) or through Facebook messager

CMA Church (Grande Cache Strong )
God bless