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# And The family of God, in CMA- Grande Cache - prayed, and said,
# Our hearts rejoice greatly, in the LORD
# There is no one holy like the Lord, our God
# There is no one besides you, as powerful as our God
# There is no Rock like our God. For He’s our strength, He’s our fortress
# He’s our deliverer, in Him only do we put our trust
# For in the Lord, our horn of honour and dignity is exalted
# We stand on the rock of our salvation.
# To boldly declare that we’re entering our season, of great joy- so our mouths is enlarged over mine enemies
# From now, on all generations, shall call us blessed of the Lord.
# And we shall continually rejoice in the God of our salvation.
# Our soul shall continually glorify the Lord, and our spirit shall continually rejoice in God our saviour
# For the Lord, has been very mindful of our state. From now on. Nations shall call us (CMA-A Family redeemed of the Lord
# For the mighty one of Jacob has done great things for us and our family
# For the mighty hands of the Lord has broken the gates of brass hindering our moving forward, and His angels, have cut the bars and cages of limitations in our lives asunder. Praise His Holy Name.
# Because we fear and honour His Holy name, He has extended His mercy to us and our children and children's, children forever and ever - Amen
# From generation to generation our lineage shall be beneficiaries of the goodness and mercies of the Lord, Most High
# The Lord our God has performed mighty deeds for us and with us.
# The mighty arm of the Lord, our God, has lifted us up above and beyond our fellows.
# With His might power, the Lord, our God has scattered all proud and arrogant spirits contending with our rising.
# The foot of the proud and the hands of the wicked, shall no longer have access to our lives, because we are permanently and joyfully, dwelling in the secret place of the Most High.
# We joyfully declare - the Lord, is our refuge and our fortress. No man born of a woman can hurt or harm us, in Jesus' mighty name.
# And because we’ve made the Lord, even the most High our refuge and our fortress, no good thing will He withhold from us- this is why we’re full of joyful expectations
# We joyfully declare that the Lord, our God, will satisfy us with long life, and show us, His salvation
# With joy, we shall continue to draw healing and divine health from the well of salvation
# With joy, we shall continue to draw peace, from the well of salvation
# With joy, we shall continue to draw prosperity, from the well of salvation
# With joy, we shall continue to draw reconciliation and restoration, from the well of salvation
# With joy, we shall continue to draw breakthroughs upon breakthroughs, from the well of salvation.
# Bless the Lord, with us, for great things, He has done- Amen
{Great - Grace. And It Shall All End In Praise}
John Oche Omale
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