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(Job 10:12-: Thou hast granted me life and favour, and thy visitation hath preserved my spirit.)

May this season of thanksgiving be your season of God’s divine visitation 

May the one who showed up in Mary’s life and changed her story, and gave her a new song. Visit you this Thanksgiving weekend, and give you a new song of joy 

May the Lord our God that specializes in unscheduled and unplanned visitation, show up in your home suddenly this weekend

May the Lord that showed up for Hannah the mother of Samuel, show up for you this weekend and wipe away shame and reproach from your home

May the Lord who specializes in wiping away hidden tears, wipe away your tears and give you a reason to rejoice publicly this Thanksgiving weekend, in Jesus mighty name 

May that invisible need in your life become a visible miracle for all to see this Thanksgiving weekend, in Jesus mighty name 

May that unspoken prayer request, becomes an open testimony for all hear, and rejoice with you in Jesus mighty name

All who laughed at you and mocked you behind your back  shall be made to rejoice with you in open, in Jesus mighty name

Anything coursing you pain and sleepless nights shall be coveted into testimony through the mighty visitation of the Lord

God's divine visitation shall silent the voices of your mockers and taunters in Jesus mighty name

May the Lord make you a blessing to many this weekend 

May your hands be a giving more a receiving hand 

May you be someone's reason to be thankful and grateful to God this weekend 

May the Lord your God, give you many reasons to be 

thankful this weekend 


(A forgiven heart is a loving heart and loving heart is a giving heart)

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

John & Esther Omale