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# Choice determines destiny. Choose to heal today 

# You can choose to allow the comforting words of the Lord Jesus Christ, to bring healing to your broken spirit 

# It runs in your family until it runs into you. You can choose to live with it or stop it. 

# You can choose to accept it or change it.  

# Change is the only thing that is constant 

# If you do not choose change, and if you are not careful- you may keep bleeding on innocent people, sent to help you heal. 

# If you do not choose change, then the chances of you cutting and hurting those who have nothing to do with your pain and brokenness, becomes very likely.

# How often have we seen the emotionally broken and bleeding, transferred their aggression on the innocent.

# When we choose not to heal before a hookup, we end up making the innocent suffer for the sins and the crimes of others, out of ignorance, because of our bitterness and pain.

# Rachael wanted to bleed on her, son but Jacob a man who knows how transferred emotional pain and brokenness can mar a man's destiny, rose to the occasion and stopped it.  

(Genesis 35:18-: And it came to pass, as her soul was in departing, (for she died) that she called his name Benoni: but his father called him Benjamin.)

# May the heal your broken heart and broken spirit as you surrender to Him today.

# Change comes to those who refuse to accept or settle for defeat. 

# Choose healing choose to be emotionally healthy again 

# May the Lord, surround you, with wise men and women - that will help you heal, so that you, do not keep bleeding, where you should be a blessing.


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