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(Still, my thoughts -1 year on)

# His Church! Your Church!!

# He builds His church
# You build your empire (your church)

(Matthew 16:18-: And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock, I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.)

# His church is about promoting Him, and making you, into His image

# Your church is all about massaging your ego and promoting your agenda

# His church is all about lifting Him up, and Him drawing us closer to Him

# Your church is all about lifting up the G.O and drawing people to our denomination

# His church makes Him their main focus and the object of their adoration

# Your church makes their G.O their focus and object of their adoration

# His church is loving, forgiving, kind and compassionate

# Your church is legalistic, judgmental, unloving, unkind, and unforgiving

# Your Church will not welcome the broken, bruised and battered.

# His church will welcome the broken, bruised, and battered and love on them

# You go to your church to be celebrated.
# We go to His Church to worship Him, and fellowship with one another

# Your church is more of an exclusive club and with different clicks

# His church is a fellowship of the spirit where all are welcome

# In your church. Your money, fame, or high social pedigree, can buy you, a place and position

# In His church, your position is only yours by His grace and mercy

# All it takes to be a member of His Church is, your broken heart and a contrite spirit.

# And, you don't need to be rich, Or famous to be welcomed into His Church.

# You don't need to have it all together, to be welcome home( His Church )

# You don't need fancy dresses, or a fancy car, to become a part of this exclusive Royal Family.

# More so, you don't need to be Prim and proper, before you are admitted into His Church

# Just so, you know, You can even come smelling of booze and tobacco, and still be welcome.

# You can come looking like Hurricane Sally, and still be welcome, into the Royal Family of Christ

# You don't need money, or a high social pedigree to be welcome, into the Royal Family of Christ

# You don't need a big degree or title to be admitted into His church family.

# Because His church is a kind of a hospital and not just any kind of hospital,

# But in your church, you need to have it all together before you're welcome in

# His Church is, an emergency room
Where the sick, the wounded, the bruised and the bleeding come to find help and hope in their hour of need.

# All you need to come to His church, is your broken heart.

# All you need to come, to His Church, is your abused and battered life.

# The rich, the poor, the educated, and not so, educated, are all welcome to drink from the fountain of God's love and mercy, in His Church.

# His Church is a refuge centre for the forsaken and abandoned.

# His Church is home for the rejected and the neglected

# His church is a place where every true born-again spirit-filled believer is a licensed physician appointed by Christ Jesus, to minister life and hope, to the wounded and abandoned

# His church is a place where life is communicated through the words of Christ.

# His church is the place to find hope.

# His Church is a place where Holy Spirit adds value to lives.

# His Church is a place where destinies are rebranded, and colours are also added to once dark and hopeless Destiny's

# His church is a place to find true forgiveness in Christ Jesus.

# His church is a place of a new beginning.

# His Church is a place you, can trade your ashes, for beauty.

# His Church is a place where you can trade your garment of sorrows, for His garment of joy.

# His church is a place the good news is broadcast

# You can come to His Church, as you are, but I guarantee you, you will never leave the way you came.

# The church is a place of transformation and restoration of destinies through the finished work of Christ on the cross.

# I know, one of His churches, it's called CMA.
Located in the Mountain Strong, Town Of Grande Cache.

# Come one, Come all to the church of the firstborn.

# I invite you to find your spiritual mount zion.

# Come to the City of the living God. Come to the heavenly Jerusalem.

# Come to the gathering of an innumerable company of angels.

# Come to the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven.

# Come to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect.

# Come to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel.

(- And It Shall End In Praise For You. )


God Bless