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 In God Alone Do I Trust.

# I am at rest in God alone

# In God alone, my hope is found.

# God alone is my rock and my salvation

# The Lord, alone, is my refuge and my stronghold, I will never be shaken.

# The Lord, will never give me, over to the desires of my enemies

# My salvation and my deliverance come from God and Him alone.

# I will trust the Lord, with all my heart.

# I will stop leaning on my own, understanding.

# In all ways and my thoughts, I will acknowledge the Lord.

# For the Lord, who is the glory of the Omale's. Never sleeps or slumbers, so I am not afraid of the threat of mortal men.

# The Lord, will direct my part because I trust in Him.

# For the Lord, God, whose I am and whom I serve, will never leave or abandon me.

# Whenever I call upon the Lord, He will hear me, and deliver me, from all my troubles, because I trust in Him.

# The Lord, alone, is my present help, not my distant or absent help, but my ever-present help, in times of difficulty’s and troubles

# The Lord, will be with me, in trouble. The Lord, will deliver me, and honour me.

# Even now, the Lord, is with me, He will leave me, or forsake me, all the days of my life

# I shall see the goodness of the Lord, in the land of the living

# With long life, will the Lord, satisfy me and my family, and continually show His favour and salvation.

# I will continue to completely and unreservedly trust in the Lord, my God.

# This is my choice, and I am not ashamed nor am I am afraid to publicly declare my position.

# Call me, naive or ignorant - On Christ Jesus my solid, Rock I chose to stand.

( And It Shall End In Praise- Just watch)