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Romans 8:28 We know and are assured that all things work together and are fitting into a plan for good to and for those who love God and are called according to His design and purpose.

Do you ever feel that everything is going wrong? That life is too hard? I try so hard but no one ever sees that?

Well I have news for you!! Hold on God is at work. What looks impossible with us could be exactly what doctor Jesus has ordered. Let's look at the above verse. Do you believe God is good?? That's the first thing to get out of the way. You need to look at all God has done. If it was not for grace and His plan of salvation there would be no hope. Life would be useless. He sent Jesus to the cross, Jesus agrees, is killed and dies, BUT raises the third day and now we can have new life. Well does that sound good to us? No likely because we have the worlds view of things. But in God's eyes it was a perfect plan. Yes there was pain, suffering, victories, hopelessness. BUT Oh on that third day VICTORY, GOOD, EXCELLENCE AND SALVATION AROSE. So God really sees things differently. See we have the Bible to read the whole story of peoples experiences in the past. But right now we are living our experiences and we can't see the end.

See God has promised victory in the end if we hold on. What cold look evil, it might not be, it could be the step before victory, deliverance, healing.

What is the rules. If we love God and if you want to live by his design and purposes. Fall in love with the Lord and see how all things are working together. I've learned that God is good, and no evil can ever change that.

Think of Lazarus dying - victory came at a price of death; healing in Bible came at the cost of being sick, the woman at the well was poor in spirit and became rich because of a visit to the well; Israel in Egypt slavery - freedom in promise land with believing. etc.

Hang on it is working for good when you love God and want His way. It can't help but work. We just haven't read the end of our story. Leave it with Him and just do what He puts in front of you. If it looks evil or mean or unfair to you, praise Him because it's going to be good at the end.

Did you read the end of the Bible - WE WIN WITH CHRIST