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Have you ever considered the supernatural things that Jesus did when on earth? Even man is interested because there is a huge amount of superherp stories written continually. Kids have favorites and alot of people want to have their powers. So let's look into Jesus as a super hero.

1. He didn't dress differently, so no one would spot him.

2 He turned ordinary drinking water into wine, and the best they had tasted.

3. He multiplied 2 loaves of bread and 3 fish for 5000.

4. He healed sickesses, disabilities.

5. Calmed storms with His words.

6. Cast out demons out of possessed people.

7. Even when He came near someone possessed they manifested.

8. Walked hundreds of miles, but also walked through walls, appeared in rooms with closed doors, disappeared from crowds that wanted to kills Him and make Him their king on earth.

9. He ascended to heaven infront of disciples, no help from man or earth. That defies the laws of gravity just a bit.

10. Not even Death could keep Him in the grave. And the large stone was rolled away.

If that's not better than our superhero movies, we are missing something. And He's our God, Lord, Brother, Friend - WOW

But there is more. Something more incredible, absolutely amazing, really awesome. God has give this same power to us to uses FOR HIS GLORY. It's true. We are to be imitators of Him. The better we know Jesus the more we can imitate Him. We don't seek these gifts but Him. We are to live a power filled life. WHY IS IT WE DON'T??? Maybe we don't really know Him. God wants His power to be part of the story you live everyday. Power to overcome additions, bitterness, heal relationships, think clear, love like Him, and more. Nothering is too difficult for God. Or do you believe it? It's easy to say but are you living it?

Eph.1:17-23, Luke 24:49 check out bible for more

So what are you doing with the power The Lord gave you??