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Joyful, Joyful Christmas To You & Your Family - From Us!!
You Are Fearfully &
Uniquely Crafted By God,
Your Heavenly Father -
# Don't Settle For Less
# You are special and precious
# You mean the world to your heavenly father
# You matter to God
# You are loved above and beyond words
(Psalms 139:14-: I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works;
and that my soul knoweth right well.)
# You mean the world to your heavenly Father, hence the gift of His son, your brother, as a gift for your redemption and restoration
# Hence the reason for Christmas
# Christmas came because of you
# Christmas is your heavenly father's bold statement of His love and devotion to you
# Christmas came to remind you that God, is mindful of you
# Christmas came to let you know that, you are worth dying for
# Christmas is about hope and promises fulfilled
# May the longing of your hearts be fulfilled this season, in spite of the turn of events this year
# Christmas comes to remind us, that God’s mercies are bigger and greater than all of our failures - And His promises still hold covid or no covid.
# Christmas is about a second chance
# May your confidence in life be restored again, As the Lord restores honour and dignity to your life, in the coming year
# Reach out and touch the hem of His garments, and Christ's love will make you whole again
# Christmas is about the grace of God
# May you find the grace for a fresh start this coming year
# May the Lord, do something new and refreshing in your life, that will make up, for all the stress of 2020
# Christmas is about the Mercy of God, to the one who messed up big time in the past, May the Lord turn the mess in your life into a message, in the coming year
# Christmas is about the gift of a new beginning, to the defeated
May the Lord grant you the gift of a new song, in the coming year
# Christmas is about forgiveness in Christ Jesus, to the unforgiving
May you find peace in your heart, knowing that you’re forgiven
# Christmas is about the love of God, in Christ Jesus, to the unloved
May you find rest in the full assurance of God’s love this season
# Christmas is about the light of God, shining in our darkness
May the Lord shine His light of hope into your hearts this season, into the coming year
# Christmas is about the Holy Spirit
May you find comfort in the presence and arms of the Holy Spirit
# May His Mercy find you this season and beyond
# May the host of heaven visit you and your family this season
# May His visitation turn your darkness into light
# May His Visitation turn your mourning into dancing
# May His visitation turn your sorrows into joy
# May His Mercy and Grace that’s bigger than your failures, grant you strength and favour for a fresh start in the coming year
# May the Lord turn all your tests this year, into testimonies in the coming years
# May the Lord turn all the tribulations and travails of this year into triumph in the coming years, in Jesus mighty name
# May the Lord turn all the storms, of this year into stories of victory for you
# May the Lord, turn all the agony's of this year into glory for you and your family, in Jesus mighty name
( And It Shall End In Praise )
Merry Christmas from Us
(The Omale's)