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MATT 13:8-: Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown

# In the Father's House (Kingdom of God )

# In the father's house all that matters, is that you are good soil.

# All good soils are productive and effective, but they don't have the same capacity 

# You can be a good soil, yet only have the capacity to produce 30-fold. It's the quality of your product that counts, in heaven not the quantity.

# You can be a good soil, but you are only wired by God, to produce, 60-folds. Heaven is counting on you, to produce 60, not a hundred. Give heaven your best 60.

# And that you are wired for a hundredfold, does not make you any better or special than the thirty-fold soil. Just be grateful and stay humble in your assignment.

# We are not called to be competitive, rather we are called to be productive 

# In the father’s house, it is not the quantity of your product that counts, but the quality of your products that gladdens the heart of the father 

# You can be famous and still, not be spiritually impactful 
# You can be famous and still, not be spiritually influential 
# Your title will not make you influential or impactful in the father's house 

# Only men with servant's hearts are influential and impactful in the father's house and not empty, titled men. 

# 30- folders, don't be jealous and envious of the 60 folders. It's going to the same account in heaven.

# 60- 60folders, do not be jealous and envious of the 100-folders either, you are both doing the father's business.

 # 100- folders, don't look down on the 30- folders. For you are not better than them. The Lord is the master of you both. Stay humble and kind to all.

# Never forget this, everyone is not going to produce a hundred folds- but everyone can be productive in the father's house.

(Keep Sowing & It Shall End In Praise)