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I want to share some not all of the lessons I am learning from COVID-19

I pray and believe that you are also learning something new, from this whole experience.

Below are some of the lessons am learning from the present situation. -:

# 1. That our values influence our choices and, choice determines our destiny.

# 2. that we should let the social distancing, translate into a deep spiritual closeness to Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

# 3. That since COVID-19 did not discriminate against anyone base on their colour, sex, religion, social pedigree, wealth or educational status.

# 4. That I, also must as a matter of great urgency do better than COVID-19 by intentionally spreading the love virus of Jesus Christ to all

# 5. That, the most neglected and ignored may actually be the most important, after all, said and done

# 6. That, The home and family we hardly had time for, is the most important part of our lives story.

# 7. That money and material things are not, as important, as we made them be.

# 8. That, becoming successful at the expense our integrity and godly character is nothing but vanity and the greatest deception of all time

# 9. That the most important people in our lives, may not be rich and famous after all

# 10. That being famous, does not make you essential, valuable or an important part of the human story at the end of the day

# 11. That you can be very rich, and still be very poor. That riches that is only measured in material things is like counting the winds

# 12. That we all should start measuring men by the value they add to life and humanity and not by the size of their bank account

# 13. That the truck driver may be of more value to my life at the end of the day, than my Hollywood movie star

# 14. That the grocery store worker may be of more value to our lives than our so-called tv reality stars

# 15. That the nurses and doctors are to be more celebrated and that they add more value to our lives than our football stars

# 16. That what is happening to our world presently has come to teach us, to get our priorities and values, right.

# 17. That having material things are good, but we should not allow material things to have us

# 18. That making money and carrier at the expense of godly quality relationship with our loved one is the biggest deception and lies of the century.

# 19. That there will come a time in our lives that, all the money in the world will be of no use to us

# 20. That it is not going to be the size of your bank account, that will matter at the end of the day, but the size of your heart.

# 21. That it is not the size of your house, that will matter after all said and done, but the size of the love and peace in your home.

# 22. That there will come a time, that all the vehicles in your driveway will be useless. And that private jet was not really worth the stress of fleecing, cheating and lying to acquire after all

# 23. That your titles may only be good if it adds value to humanity with a strong emphasis on things with eternal value and eternity

#24. That the size of your heart in relation to the love of God and humanity is more important than the size of your wallet.

# 24. That we should not let anyone makes us disbelief in humanity.

# 25. That for us not to believe that there is a life beyond this material world is no longer optional for some of us

# 26. For the pastors, that the size of your crowd does not matter, rather its the size of your eternal impact for eternity, that matters

( # 27. Just for laughs - That toilet paper is more important to you than all your makeup kits.

(# 28. That a bottle of hand sanitizer is more important than a bottle of wine and beer )

# 29. That indeed, a man's life does not consist of the abundance of what he or she has. That we should stop measuring men's value, by what they have, or what they are.

# 30. That rather we should start measuring men's value and worth first by who they are in relation to their maker God, and then by the values, positive and spiritual impact they are making on humanity

#31. That, Our spiritual life cannot be measured by success as the world measures it, but only by what God pours through us-

#32. That we should stop measuring our spiritual success by worldly standard especially in the new social media world

# 33. That, It is better to live and speak your truth no matter how terrible it may make you look in the eyes of men than to murder your true self living a lie. Live your truth, speak your truth is Jesus is the Lord of my life.

#34. That, we don't have to agree with or accept other people's truth, but we should respect their truth. Respecting their truth does not mean you accept their truth, it simply means you are a secured human being.

#35. That, Liking you is optional, but disrespecting you is not. No one should have the privilege of disrespecting you, that I should know my worth so as not to sell myself cheap

#36. That Humble, strong and secured men bow in respect. Arrogant, weak and insecure men stoop in compromise.

#37. That as a pastor, I should not see the church as a production factory where numbers are important to me than impacting souls for eternity

# 38.That church growth to me should not be about numbers but about spiritual growth

#39. That now, that I am on the Facebook book, I should not be focused on how many likes or comments I get from my post, but rather be intentional about speaking the truth in love

#40. That life is about a person and not people and every person is important

#41. that I must dignify every life entrusted to me, by God through all levels of human contacts and relationships with respect, love and genuine attention

# 42. That my life's priorities should be in this order, God, my family, my spiritual covenant family, my neighbours and the human stranger I come across on a daily basis, they should all be treated with the utmost love and respect

#43. That I must make people my priority and not material things.

#44.That I must make and give quality time to all my human relationships. That all humans are equal and important to God the Father, therefore they should be important to me

#45. That I should not let anyone bully or intimidate me to the point of losing my voice.

# 46. That I should keep speaking my truth, by boldly and confidently sharing my faith, my thoughts and even my wonderful pictures, and I should share them confidently for I never know, I may be someone else's voice of hope out there

# 47. I know you are also learning a lot through this time of incubation please share your thoughts and bless us all with it.

God Bless
John Oche Omale