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Ok Who's your god/God? What can your God/god do?

"I AM" is my God. I'l tell you about my God and then see if your God is the same.

He is not religious, associated with any group specifically, His gov't doesn't run anything like our worlds, He shows up anywhere not just in our organized churches on Sunday, No confined by walls, No one can say He only is Pentecostal, Catholic, Alliance, United, etc., He does not take sides but only the truth, He doesn't need our help but chooses to use us if we are willing, He doesn't need defending, He moves in mysterious ways and no one can say only this way, He is only good by His standards not the worlds, He lets us have our free will even if it goes against His, You cannot put a label on Him because He will prove you wrong and do something different, He is above the enemy and more powerful, He is in all even when we think something is evil He's there, He is real life, He is all knowing - even your thoughts and attitudes He sees and knows, He is perfect love and not the worlds love, He has a great retirement plan, He can do anything, there is no where where you can get away from Him, He never lies, keeps His promises, always on time, etc. I could go on but I think you get the idea.

If you just take the time to think on Him and heaven, most of the thoughts you entertain will not even have room. What are you thinking about right now, or before you read this? Does your idea of God line up with the truth?

Ps. 46:10, Habakkuk 3:2