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# We stand On guard for thee, on our knees, and ask for God's mercy and divine intervention for the healing and reconciliation of Our country.
# Where there is hate, we speak love.
# Where there's disunity, we speak unity.
# Where there is suspicion and mistrust, we speak, trust, and confidence
# Where is anger and frustration, we speak, calm and peace.
# Where there is bitterness and resentment, we speak, forgiveness
# Where there is offence, we speak, mercy and kindness
# On our knees, we raise the banner of healing, and reconciliation of families and friends torn apart by the present day, crisis.
# Lord, we pull down the dividing wall of hostility and hate, erected by the present day, crisis, in our land today, in Jesus' mighty name.
# Lord, open the eyes of your people, to understand that we can still disagree with each other, without hating on each other.
# Lord, open our eyes, to see and know, that enemy of our country, is not flesh and blood.
# The enemy of our country is not our next-door neighbour or our family members.
# The enemy of our great country, Canada, is that old serpent, the devil himself.
# Lord, in a family, where there is hate because of the crisis, in our country, we speak love and forgiveness.
# In communities where people are divided and hateful, towards each other. we speak peace and unity once again, in Jesus mighty name
# We speak, peace, reconciliation, and unity, to every family and relationship torn apart by this pandemic crisis, in Jesus' mighty name.
# Lord, expose and frustrate, the demonic spirits, behind the present day, the crisis in our, country, in Jesus mighty name
# Lord, we come against the spirit of division and hate, in our country, on all levels of our society, in Jesus mighty.
# We Come against the spirit of divisiveness and disunity, in our country, in Jesus' mighty name.
# I call forth the light of the Holy Spirit, into every dark place of our country today, in Jesus' mighty name.
# We come against every arrogant and proud spirit, of pharaoh trying to pull and tear our country apart, in Jesus' mighty name.
# We come against all demonic spirit and entity, trying to throw our country into a state of chaos, crisis, they shall not succeed, in Jesus' mighty name.
# By the mandate of heaven and the authority of Jesus Christ, I pull down every Satanic stronghold, trying to throw our country into a state of perpetual chaos and crisis.
# We pull down the spirit of hate and disunity, in our country, in Jesus' mighty name.
# Lord, any group of persons, using the present situation in our country, for selfish gain- Lord, expose and disgrace them, in Jesus mighty.
# Any group of persons using our divided state and disunity as a country, for their selfish purpose, Lord, expose and disgrace them, in Jesus mighty name.
# Any group of persons, profiting from our pain and hurt as a people, Lord, arise and let their end be worse than that of the pharaoh, in Jesus mighty name.
# By faith we speak, peace and unity over our country, in Jesus' mighty name.
# Oh Lord, arise and let, all the enemies of our great nation be scattered, in Jesus might name.
# Lord, let all evil workers, of iniquity, working against our country for their selfish gain, from becoming like chaffs, before the winds.
# Lord, let your angels pursue them, and frustrate all their evil plans, in Jesus' mighty name.
# We decree, in Jesus name, all enemies of our great country, shall no longer know peace from today, in Jesus mighty name.
# Our country shall United again - in Jesus mighty name.
# We speak over our country by faith and declared- Arise shine, oh Canada for your light has come.
# For the glory of the Lord, is shining over you, Oh Canada
# For look, darkness, may cover other parts of the earth, and total darkness, may cover other peoples.
# But, on you, oh Canada, the glory and goodness of the light of the Lord, will shine over you, from coast to coast, in Jesus mighty name.
# The glory of the Lord, over you, Canada, shall cause Nations to come to your light
# The kings, men, and women from every nation, of the earth, shall troops to the brightness of God's glory and radiance, over our great country. In Jesus' mighty, we pray and declare.
( And Again, We Declare- It Shall End In Praise For Our Great Country)
John Oche Omale
God Bless