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Praying -: Job 5:11-16 -:
# Please join me, as we make this declaration together -:
# I shall not let my heart be troubled. Because of the news of what the enemy is doing or saying, in Jesus name
# I Receive God's peace that passes all understanding today and always
# I shall not allow the enemy to steal my peace today, no matter what, I've heard or seen.
# Today, I chose to keep my eyes on Jesus the author of all peace-
# I am born of the Spirit of God and the spirit of Christ in me makes me an overcomer and not a victim.
# For greater is He, that lives in me, than all the commotion going on around me
# The Lord, my God, shall humble the pride and arrogance of every modern-day, pharaoh and their magicians, that is out to frustrate my life and that of my children, in Jesus' mighty name.
# My God, shall Expose all the lies, deceptions of the enemy and frustrate all their plans, in Jesus name
# Lord, may my children not be victims and preys in the hands of the wicked and the brutish, in Jesus name
# Lord, stretch forth your mighty arms and lift the captive of the mighty to safety, from the prison-house of untimely death
# Lord, by your outstretched arms, let the wicked be disarmed and disgrace today, in Jesus name
# Jehovah Lord, only you, can set the lowly on high, and wipe away the reproach, and the stigma of shame from their faces- remember us, today, and show us, a token of your goodness
# Lord, Jesus, I pray that in your mercy, you will rescue the weak from the hands of the wicked and heartless
# Lord, deliver and lift up every captive of the mighty to safety, and freedom in Jesus' mighty name.
# Lord frustrates the schemes of the crafty and the wicked, in the land, in Jesus' mighty name.
# Lord, may all the workers of iniquity not succeed in their plans against the innocent, and the weak, in Jesus' mighty name.
# Lord, trapped all workers of iniquity and wickedness in our country, towns, and community in their own, craftiness and wickedness, in Jesus' mighty name.
# Lord, may the wicked fall into the pits they are digging for the innocent
# Lord, let all the deceptive and wicked plans of the wicked be brought to an abrupt end, right now, in Jesus' mighty name.
# Lord let all the wicked in the land, begin to encounter unusual darkness and confusion, in Jesus mighty name
# Lord, turn the light lights in the lives of the wicked into gross darkness.
# May the pain and hardship inflicted on the innocent by all workers of iniquity stand as a judgement against them, in Jesus' mighty name.
# Lord, have mercy on your sons and daughters and save them from the sharp swords of the wicked
# Lord, let every weapon in the hands of the wicked become useless and ineffective when directed at the innocent, in Jesus' mighty name.
# Lord, save your son's and your daughter's from the grips and the stronghold of evil and arrogant men, in Jesus mighty name
# Lord, turn around the captivity of your children and fill their mouths and hearts with laughter.
# May the Lord, do something new and profound in my life, and the lives of my children, in Jesus name
# I Pray the Lord, will fill your hearts with peace in these troubling times, in Jesus' name.
# With great uncertainties comes great fear, anxiety and stress - receive God's peace that passes all understanding now, in Jesus name
# I Pray the Holy Spirit will strengthen your mind with hope in this season, of great uncertainties and anxiety.
# I pray the Lord, will remain your hiding place, from the raging and wagging tongues and storms, of the wicked
# I pray that the Lord will remain your defence and shelter from life's stormy weather.
# I pray, your family, business, and jobs shall remain secured in the shadow of His wings, in even this season of so many uncertainties
# As your children and grandchildren go back to school, may the hands of the Lord, protect and keep them.
# I pray that none in your household shall be swept away with this current tides of plagues or any crises, in Jesus name
# I pray the Lord, will surround you and your family with songs, of hope and deliverance.
# The Lord bless and keep you, all in His secret place, and may your family, continue to abide under the shadow of the Lord, as you all keep hope alive.
# Stay hopeful, stay believing, stay trusting- And it shall all end in praise
(Praying for you and your family)
- John Oche Omale
God Bless