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# Having a lot of material things is great, but loving people is greater. 

# Your greatest investment in this world when it's all over, would not be your material stuff, but people 

# Remember no one is ever survived by things, but by people.

# He or she is survived by two children and aged parents. 

# I am yet to see a man that is survived by 10 houses. 5 cars. Private Jet, a yacht, and a 50 million dollar bank, after his passing.

# The greatest mockery of man is his obituary, which intentionally refused to mention his material stuff as part of what he left behind.

# Things you, kill, cheat people to acquire, and even ignore and abandon your loved ones for, are never ever mentioned in your eulogy - think on that for a moment!! 

# When it's all over when our time is done on this side of heaven- all that will matter at the end, will not be it (things) but people.

# In all your investing, do not forget to invest in people 

# Think about this the next time you, try to hurt, kill, rob or cheat someone to get ahead 

# In all your doing- love on people 

Am- Ochegba -& I speak LIFE