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{1 Samuel 2:8-: He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth up the beggar from the dunghill, to set them among princes, and to make them inherit the throne of glory: for the pillars of the earth are the LORD's, and he hath set the world upon them.}

# That man- that woman out there, struggling under the weight of the spirit of rejection. I want to pray and prophesy over you, today if you will allow me.

# I pray your heart will be open to receive these words, from the womb, of the Holy Spirit in Jesus' mighty name

# To all the Jephthah's out there, you are about to enter into your season of open heaven 

# I see grace, mercy and God's favour granting you, unusual access to kings, and places of authority and power 

# JEPHTHAH- Means- to Open. To release.

# When you’re rejected don’t go into depression- no, go into the trenches and start sharpening your swords and working on your gifting

# Your best days you haven't seen yet 
# You're greatness going somewhere to happen - so, hang in there

# You're too precious, and loaded with greatness to allow their dislike of you, to send you into a state of dejection, despair and depression 

# Your season is around the corner. I see you breaking out of that shell of rejection, in Jesus' mighty name.

# May the same hand that lifted MORDECAI from obscurity to a place of prominence lift you up today, into the palace of honour where you rightly belong - in Jesus' mighty name

# May the grace that spoke on behalf of JOSEPH at the time that it mattered the most elevate you to your rightful place of leadership and kingship - in Jesus' mighty name 

# May the hand that lifted DAVID from obscurity and granted him a place amongst Kings and Queens lift you up to your own, place of honour and dignity 

# May the Lord dignify your life with His favour and garment of honour

# May you be numbered amongst the great, in your generation 

# May you be amongst  the sort after in your generation, in Jesus' mighty name

# May this be the long-awaited time of change and restoration you have been waiting for, in Jesus' mighty name

# May this be the long-awaited years of the harvest that heaven has promised you. Your harvest of good deeds is coming 

# Heaven will remember you and fill your heart with joy and laughter.

# May the Lord wipe away your secret tears and replace them with public joy and celebrations in Jesus' mighty name

# May God's visitation makes you a reference point of hope to many in your generation 

# May the Lord give you a miracle at the end of this season of rejection and abandonment. 

# The Lord shall give you,  a miracle that will make all those who mocked and laughed at you, shall see and be greatly ashamed.

# Your supporters and encourages, shall see you and rejoice with you 

# You shall  birth your own ISAAC after this of rejection is over, in Jesus' mighty name

# The Lord shall do all this and even much more than this for you, in Jesus' mighty name I pray.

# Lift up your head high in great expectation for your days of joy draweth nearer 

# I rejoice with you, in advance - For It Shall Definitely End In Praise For You

# Am- Ochegba-&- I Speak Life

John Oche Omale