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(How Jesus Christ delivered me from the hands evil men)


The Scriptures cannot be broken and the word works!

1 Thessalonians 5:9-: For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ,

Colossians 3:3-: For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.

# Days, before I left for Nigeria, three weeks ago, In my prayer time, the Holy Spirit led me to Colossians 3:3 And
1 Thessalonians 5:9.
On this two Scriptures, I anchored my faith and my trip to Nigeria. On this two scriptures, four truths, stood out for me -:

1. That sudden destruction only comes on children of disobedience. Since I am not a disobedient child, I am exempted from sudden destructions of any kind.

2. No man or woman born of a woman can kill. Because I am already dead in Christ. And my life is hidden in Christ, and Christ in God.

3. I am spiritually and physically fortified, that I am too protected and beyond the reach of any spirit being, talkless of a mere mortal.

4. And no spirit being can kill me either, since spirits do not die. For I am by reason, of my of the finished work of Christ. I became a partaker of Christ divine nature.

(Meaning I am a spirit being having an earthly experience here on earth for a season.)

# A day before traveling I went by to see verna's dad, he's in his 80s, I went there with the intention of praying for him, but getting to the house, the Lord, said get down on knees and ask him to pray and bless you. I Obeyed and the Holy Spirit showed up.

# Couraga my older boy also called and gave me this word, he kind of sense, that I was a little bit nervous about this particular trip.

The truth be told, I was a unsettled in my my emotions but not my spirit.

# Couraga shared this Scriptures with me and prayed with me a night before I left for Nigeria.

(John 14:27-: Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.)

# And I wrote down this declaration, not knowing why at the time, meanwhile, while still on transit en route to Nigeria,

# I called my family before boarding the plane. In the course of our conversation Esther, told me that melody Livingston ask the church to pray more for me, cause she felt a strong burden for my safety.

# Cheryl also gave me a word concerning the trip
The Gwynne Church family also prayed and a word came from Dallas.
All this shows that the Lord, was already way ahead of the enemies and their evil imaginations

People of God, I must confess here, and now that between my wife Esther, and I, she is the bold and courageous one, She a woman of steel, she hardly show fear.

# At times like these one, just as it is in her, spiritual character, She just speak the word in boldness to me. She does not pamper me, not agree with me, she just Speaks the word in faith.

# This is when the role changes, she becomes the pastor and I her student. Praise God for women of the Spirit

# People of God, you are indeed blessed of the Lord, when you have a strong and spiritually sensitive, and prayerful people, to call your church family.
(I am a blessed man because I belong to a church like this, one)

# My Church family prayed for me, friends and family around Canada, Sweden and Nigeria prayed for me, and they kept on praying for me.

# I will not bore you with all the delays, and struggles at the airport, or the verbal attack coming from not so surprising sources. Because the accuser, of the Brethren as you know, will use people around you, to attack with false accusations.

# The first major attack happened a day, after I arrived in Nigeria.

# We were about crossing the road when the vehicle suddenly stopped and the guy intentionally open the door and hit me my arm with it. At I thought it was by accident, but I quickly realized that that was part of their game plan, to get my attention and mode of operations. It quick and unexpected

# I do not want to give, away too many details just yet. ( for we are still trying to track my phone, because it does contain a lot of personal information

# And a young man less than half my height came out of the vehicle pretending to apologize for heating me with door of their vehicle . In the process of apologizing, he then said something very strange and profound. As if to confirm that I was the person they wanted or they were offended by my cross, I do not know. (he said to me, you'rewearing a cross, and murmured something about we been one.)

At this point he was in my face, so I pushed him away, it was at this point, he reached down and tried to lift me to shove, me into their vehicle. But he could not, I pushed him away with my right hand, it at that time, he got my phone and ran back into their vehicle and they zoomed off

# The question for us, was did the people that sent them, to get me, told them, that they will know and identify me, by my wooden cross, or they were offended by the cross?

# I have been wearing the said cross for the last 10 or more years, since my son courage gifted me the cross.

# Or did the cross confuse them as it were, ( I am not saying my wooden pedal cross has any Power ) but I know that inside of me reside the conquering Lion of the great tribe of Judah )

# There was attempt made to have me kingnap, to this day, I do not know whether it was a planned attack or a random act.

# They made away with my phone, which happened to be my mobile office.

# The attackers were so confident that, their charm or voodoo will work on me, but they were not well informed about me. I make bold to say with all humility, that I am mobile ark of the Lord, on motion

# If not, what will make a slim man less than 5ft tall thinks he can lift a man like me, and shove me into their vehicle?

# The Lord delivered me from that great attack, with just a little tiny bit of pain.. All this happened in Abuja.

After the attack I was physically, mentally, emotionally traumatized for days

# A day before we leave for Otukpo, between 12-1 midnight I got a call from the wife of our administrator Pastor Bath. In her words, sir, my husband is dying. I said no, it cannot happen because that is not part of God's plan and promise for Gilgal.

# I started praying and I called and woke my dependable brother Pastor Ahmed. We prayed together over the phone. The Lord showed up and proved Himself faithful again, and again. Praise the Lord.

# On getting to Otukpo,
First the rented vehicle that brought us, from Abuja, broke down right at the gate of the house. The right wheel came off just as the security man was about opening the gate to the compound.
That was the beginning of the enemy's relentless efforts to get me.

The next day, Someone reliablely came to inform us, that they saw someone, on our school property around 12 midnight. Your guess is as good as as mine.

# They went there to plant some form of voodoo or charm with me as the principal target. Again, they failed woefully. I did not show up, as they expected. Hahaha ( you find out later that I have been led by the Lord, to keep praying against every paid demonic high priest )

# By divine instructions and order, I did not show up that day, as expected by the evil ones. They kept calling my cousin since they do not have my number, wondering when I was coming to Otada that day.

Because for their evil plan to work, I had to be there that day. They were angry and disappointed that their trap was not big enough to catch me.( like a bird the Lord helped to escape the snares of the Fowler)

# The next day I contacted pastor James Agodo, Bishop Igoche and a few reliable covenant brothers, who went on ahead of me, to the school and prayed the place down, up. And God showed up and the enemy lost that round as well. Praise the Lord.

# By the way, I am writing this a few thousand feet above ground surrounded by angels and saddles between the two continent.

# On my way home to a loving wife, adorable children, wonderful Church family and my beautiful town, and people of Grande Cache.

# Home is where you are loved and cared for people. ( I can now boldly say, I know where my true home is)

# I now, believe with all my heart. That a man's true and covenant brother, is in the wild, wilderness, of life. And not necessarily biological, or biological blood relation.

# When they say blood is thicker than water. I believe they meant the blood of Jesus Christ. For the only true genuine relationship that will stand the test of time, is the one covenanted through Christ

Below was what the Holy Spirit impressed in my spirit to pray and declare as I was getting ready to travel.
( A few days before my trip to Nigeria )


# This is to inform anyone or group of persons, praying for, wishing for, or plotting for me to die.

# If you have paid a demonic high priest to help you carry out your wicked enterprise I am sorry to disappoint you, you have been duped. Go and get your money, invest on you, or better still donate it to Gilgal and you will be blessed.

# For you are at least 29 years too late. For, I died over 29 years ago.

# For I am dead, and my life is hidden with Christ in God.
Colossians 3:3

# Ebenezer - His grace and mercy brought me this far, and His grace will take further than where I am now, ain't nothing you can do about. Just so you know

Exodus 12:13 -: And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt.

My family and I, are in our season of divine exception in Jesus name.

We are excepted from all, forms, of sickness and diseases

We are excepted from the plague of cancer in Jesus name

We are excepted from the plague of sudden death, in the hands of mere mortals and evil spirits.

We are excepted from sudden death by roads, by sea and by air, in Jesus mighty name.

We are excepted from the plague of poverty and lack

# All because of the precious Blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen

# And to all my haters, thank you, and by the way, you folks make life more interesting, and I still love you with the love of Christ.

For all of you, my good friends and family that prayed for me and my family and are still praying for us. I thank you, from the depths of my spirit and soul.

Thank you, to you all my silent supporters and encouragers
Thank you, to all my Canadian family and friends
Thank you, to all my Swedish family and friends
Thank you, to all my Ghanaian family and friends
Thank you, to all my Nigerian family and friends
Thank you, to all my Facebook friends

Thank you my church family. ( the best Church family on this side of heaven

Thank you, Gwynne Church family and pastor
Thank you, Pastor Ahmed Naphteli Ibrahim

Thank you, Bishop Igoche
Thank you, Pastor James and Pastor Mrs James Adogo
Thank you, pastor favour Onoja

Thank you, Rev, Dr Livinus Emeka
Thank you, Bishop Tina Bawa
Thank you, Oche Ekah (Bob)

Thank you, Inalewgu Ajonye and family
Thank you, Sylvia Ajonye
Thank you, mercy Fred Williams
Thank you, Enoch Ajonye and family

Thank you, Mr Benjamin ( my uncle’s security man in Abuja)
Thank you, Mr. Monday ( my uncle’s manager in Otukpo)
Thank you, Chinyere Igwegbe

Thank you, Oche egwa
Thank you, Barrister Kurtis Adigba
Thank you, Barrister James. I Idih

Thank you, Doo Obileye ( Esther's covenant sister )
Thank you, Mr Deji Aliyu
Thank you, mallam Abu

Thank you, Mopol officer Tomu Abdulkadril
Thank you, Mr. Bryte Iwhiwhu ( one amongst many of my bush brothers )

Thank you, my mother Inlaw
Thank you, Major General P.G Ogah ( my uncle )
Thank you, Ambassodor G.O Ajonye (my uncle )

# Thank you, Pastor Bath and all the staff and teachers of Gilgal Int, Group of schools

# Thank you, to uncle Agbo and all my grandmother's family that travelled all the way from the village to come visit and encourage me

# To my grandmother for hosting every in home, you out did yourself. I am proud to call you my mother.

# To my one and only, lovely and understanding wife, Esta,
my dearest daughter Godiya,

my wonderful kool like that boys,
Couraga, Judah, and David,
thank you all for allowing me to do this even when it's hard on you.

(And the Lion, of the great tribe of Judah Roar's through me)

God Bless