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{Job 14:7-: For there is hope for a tree,
if it be cut down, that it will sprout again,
and that its shoots will not cease.}

# May every crushed spirit receive hope, in Jesus' mighty name. 

# May that crushing weight of despair, anxiety, confusion and fear, on you, be lifted in Jesus' mighty name

# May every broken heart receive peace. 

# May every depressed and discouraged soul, receive divine lifting from the invincible and compassionate hands of the Lord.

# May every mourning spirit receive the joy of the Lord. 

# May every lost and confused soul, receive divine guidance and direction 

# Thus saith the LORD that created you & your family, and He that formed you. 

# Fear not, for He has ransomed and redeemed you and your family, from the pit of destruction. 

# He knows you all by name. You are not just a number, you're His precious possession. 

# The Lord sees those tears and hears your heart cry. 

# The Lord, shall heal your wounds and mend your broken heart and spirit 

# Thus says the Lord that formed you, and every member of your household. 

# The Lord, your God will help you and your family 

# The Lord, will show you and your family mercy. 

# The Lord has not forsaken your family and the Lord, has not forgotten you. 

# Do not be afraid, for the Lord shall yet come through for you. Your prayers shall be answered. 

# The Lord, will yet, pour His spirit of grace and mercy upon your children wherever they are, even now in Jesus' mighty name.

# The Lord, will pour His blessing and favour on your descendants. 

# The Lord is with you and your family. His angels are watching over your children wherever they are. 

# The Lord, will not give you or your children over to the desires and plans of the enemy.

# Be of good courage, for you are not alone. You are never alone. 

# Hang in there my brother, my sister - And It Shall End In Praise.