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Personalized Scriptural Confession For the week -: (CMA)
# Oh, Lord, God, our help and our strength through all eternity
# We bless your Holy name.
Thank you, my Heavenly Father, that you will not turn your back on us
# Lord, I am grateful for all you have done for us, in the past, and now-
# I know that even now, you will never leave us or forsake us, even in these trying times
# Lord, we are blessed in you, because in Christ we are forgiven and because of Christ our iniquity is not imputed against us.
# Thank you, Lord, that we are now the righteousness of God, in Christ Jesus
# Lord, we ask that you remember us today, for we are the sheep’s of your pasture.
# And you have purchased and redeemed us by the blood of Jesus Christ
# therefore we come boldly before your throne of grave, to obtain mercy and find help in this great our needs in our lives
# Lord, I ask that you will not allow the wicked to prevail over me and my family, in Jesus mighty name
# I pray that we will no longer feel forgotten and abandon. For you are our God, and you will never leave us or forsake us
# Lord, as the whole earth is filled with wickedness and gross darkness. Lord remember your covenant and promises to us
# And let your light of healing, hope and deliverance shine over us and our households in Jesus mighty name
# Lord, send your angels, to come and deliver us from the hands of all our oppressors.
# Lord, wipe away the shame and the reproach of the past from our lives, in Jesus mighty name.
# Lord, I break the curse of poverty and lack from my life, in Jesus name
# Lord, I pray for the wisdom and power to make wealth, in Jesus name
# Lord, turn around my captivity on all levels and fill my mouth with praise and songs of deliverance, in Jesus mighty name
# Oh, Lord, let our song’s of praise and deliverance, silence and drown the noise and the threat of the enemy, in Jesus mighty name
# Lord, consider the threats of the enemy and empower us to declare with boldness that the you’re our helper and deliverer
# You are our God, and all our hope and trust is in you. No man or spirit being can do us harm, in Jesus mighty name
# Lord, even in the midst of trouble you remain my strength and my salvation
# Even now I declare that I am more than conquerors through Christ who gives me strength
# I have the perfect peace of the Holy Spirit, that passes all understanding.
# I have absolute faith and confidence in my God, therefore I am not afraid of tens of thousands
# My God, is a promise keeper and a covenant-keeping God
# My God, is a faithful God, and I shall see the salvation of the Lord, in the land of the living, in Jesus name
# I refuse to let my heart be troubled because I believe in Christ and I believe also in God.
# I refuse to worry or live in fear because I know my God, is preparing a great miracle for me
# When this is all over I shall come out as pure gold
Praise the Lord. Amen
( And It Shall End In Praise)
John Oche Omale