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# I must confess upfront that it is not a walk in the park for anyone to choose to praise the high priest of our confession and profession. The Lord Jesus Christ, in the midst of the storms, and the uncertainties of life. 

# Especially when all hell is breaking loose on you and your family.  Yet praising the Lord, in the midst 0f our storm is still the best thing to do.

# My brother, and my sister I encourage you, to still praise Him, even when you don't know why this is happening to you. 
Praise Him in your darkest hour

# Lift Him up, in praise, when you're at your lowest. For if He, be lifted up. He shall draw us up to Him.

{# - I will sing of the mercies of the Lord, forever I will sing!
With my life, and my mouth shall make known to my generation the faithfulness of my God, even in my darkest hours}

# Though my hope has been deferred for the longest time. Yet, will I praise Him.

# Though I do not have all my dots in a role and things are not looking so bright for me right now. Yet, will I praise Him.

# Though I may have been forsaken and rejected by many. Yet will I praise Him. 

# Though my prayers are yet to be answered. yet, will I praise Him
# Though my body is riddled with pain and discomfort. Yet, will I praise Him.

# Yes, I am yet to be married. Yet will I praise Him
# Yes, I am yet to have children of my own. Yet will I praise Him

# Yes, I am a single mom, struggling with the issues of life, and battling loneliness, yet will I praise.

# Yes, I am a widow raising my children all by myself. Yet will I praise

# Though I may be out of a job right now. Yet, will I praise Him
# Though my business may not be going great right now. Yet, will I praise Him

# Yes, I am a man, a woman with many troubles. Yet will I praise Him.

# Whatever you are going through today. No matter how big your mountain of problems is. There's still a YET for you.

# I have been sent to tell you, that you shall not die in the valley of shame and disappointment 

# I have been sent to tell you, that your story will not end this way. For there is hope for your future 

# I have been sent to tell you that your tomorrow is pregnant with greatness 

# I know that you are going through a very rough season in your life right now, but hang in there, for your latter end, shall greatly increase 

# Don't quit now, don't give up
# Refuse to surrender to despair and depression

# Just refuse to be discouraged 
# Keep making your boast In the Lord Jesus Christ 
# Keep rejoicing in the God, of your salvation 

# Keep Praise the Lord most high. For your deliverance and breakthrough is closer than the breath in your nostrils 

# Yet will I praise Him, for in His time He shall make all things beautiful for me

# But Yet will I praise Him

# Keep praising the Lord. And you shall see His glory and goodness in the land of the living

 # Hang in - For I Know That- It Shall End In praise For You

Am- Ochegba-& I Speak Life