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# May the hands of the Lord, rest upon you and your family 

# May the Lord, grant you and your family peace in the midst of this raging storms of financial turmoil 

# May the hide you and your family in His secret place far from every evil imagination of the wicked 

# May the Lord keep you and your family from harm 

# May the Lord keep and protect you and your family, from all forms of sudden disasters 

# May the Lord, heal your body and restore health to your mortal body, in Jesus mighty name 

# May the Lord, keep you and your family from shame 

# May the favour and mercy of the Lord, exempt you and your family from the great famine and suffering coming upon the face of the earth 

# May the Lord keep you and your children from serving in the punishment of the wicked 

# May your heart not fail you, in this hard times

# May the Lord, fill your heart with hope in this difficult times 

You and your family shall not be stranded in Jesus mighty name 

# May this word of the Lord, find full expression and fulfillment in your life and the lives of every member of your family,  in Jesus mighty name -: 

(Psalms 32:7-: You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.)

#TheStruggleIsReal. #ButStayEncourageAndItShallEndInPraise 

You’re in my prayers

God Bless

John Oche Omale