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# From today, I charge you, by the mercies of God, to stop giving emotional terrorists and emotional manipulators, power over your life.

# Stop giving them access to your precious soul and space

# Stop giving them the power, to use your past failure to define you. Your past was a hard lesson learned and not a life sentence 

# Refusing to be used, less by selfish and manipulative, people does not mean you're useless. It simply means you just rediscovered your true self.

# YOU WISED UP- YOU GREW UP {And now they can't control and manipulate you anymore - this is the reason for the name calling, just so you know 

# Never allow other people's negative opinions of you, to make you think that you're useless. 

# Walking away from situations and people who belittle you, and make feel useless and worthless is not a sign of weakness, but of strength 

# You may have done what they say, you did, yet you're not useless. Neither are you who they say, you are.

# That you're divorced does not make you a failure or useless. 

# You may have failed, many times over trying to fix your life, yet you're not useless.

# You may be struggling with how, to raise your children now, yet you're not  useless 

# You may be struggling with deep depression and anxiety, yet, you're not useless 

# You may be dealing with an uncontrollable form of PTSD. Yet, you're not useless 

# You may be struggling with some form of addiction right now, yet you're not useless 

# You may have been cut in the very act, of the most debased sin by man's definition. Yet, you're not useless 

# you may be struggling with your identity as it were, yet, you're not useless 

# You may be going through bankruptcy and may have failed financially, yet, you're not useless 

# You may have failed, several times over academically, yet you're not useless. 

# You may not fit into their little click, or measure up to their so-called social standards, and social pedigree, but you're not useless 

# You may not be as successful as they are, but you're not useless 

# You may not be of use to some people anymore, but you're not useless 

# The man, the woman you once loved and trusted may have walked out on you. But God has not left you 

# People may not have need of you anymore, but God still needs you, like yesterday 

# Simply because you're going through, what you're going through now, does not mean that you are useless or worthless 

# That he or she, no longer has need of you, does not make you useless. Jesus still loves and needs you. 

# Do not hate yourself because everyone else hates you

# Refusing to be who they want you to be, does not mean you're useless or even worthless 

# Refusing to do what they want you to do does not make you useless or worthless 

# You're not useless and you are not worthless. It's just that selfish, self-centred and manipulative people, need you less. 

# If saying NO to, selfish, self-centred and manipulative, people make you useless, so be it. 

# You are only useless in the eyes of selfish and manipulative users, anyway. 

# You're only useless, in the eyes of selfish and narrow-minded people 

# You're not useless. You just put up a boundary. By learning to say NO. To selfish and self-centred users.

# You're not useless, you are just learning not to be everything, to everybody 

# People may look down at you. Do yourself a favour do not join them, in looking down at yourself 

# Rather, at that moment, look up to Jesus, the author and finisher of your destiny

(Hebrews 12:2-: Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.)

# The great author is writing a new and glorious chapter of your life's story, even as I speak.

# Lookup don't look down in despair, defeat and desperation

# Keep looking up to God, keep hoping through Christ Jesus. For Christ in you, is the hope of glory 

# There is still one more chapter of your life story, that the great author is still working on

# Hang in there, don't quit, don't give in to the enemy's definition of your life.

# But know this, you will never stop being of use and of great value to the Lord, Jesus Christ.

# You're a very useful tool in the hands of your heavenly Father 

# You’re valuable to God, your Heavenly Father 
# You're precious in the sight of your heavenly Father 

# You're the righteousness of God, in Christ Jesus 
# You're God's, jewel of insatiable value

# You're the apple of God's eyes 

# You're fearfully and wonderfully, made. This, your soul, should know so well

# Your tomorrow is blessed 
# You're God's miracle going somewhere to happen 

(Isaiah 40:2-: Speak tenderly to Jerusalem,
and cry to her that her warfare is ended, that her iniquity is pardoned, that she has received from the Lord's hand double for all her sins.) 

# Be encouraged you’re not useless, and you will never be useless 

{And It Shall End In Praise}

Am- Ochegba-&- I speak Life

God Bless