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# I refuse to be defined by my past failures and defeats.
# I refuse to accept defeat because of my present circumstances 

# I am more than a conqueror, through Christ who strengthens me.
# I am not a weakling, and I am not a defeated soul.

# I refuse to be defined by my failures and setbacks

# I refuse to be frustrated because of what I am going through now

# I refuse to succumb to the enemy's definition of me
# I refused to be emotionally blackmailed by anyone, because of my past mistakes 

# My past mistakes are lessons and not a prison house of limitations 

# Therefore, my past mistakes are my steppingstones to greatness and not stumbling blocks, of failures.

# I make bold to say-:
# I am not worthless 
# I am not useless
# I am not a failure 
# I am not a coward 

# Fear has no place in my life

# I am greatness going somewhere to happen 
# I am, a very useful tool in the hands of my heavenly Father 

# I am unbelievably valuable to God, my Heavenly Father 

# I am precious in the sight of my heavenly Father 

# I am the righteousness of God, in Christ Jesus 

# I am God's, jewel of insatiable value
# I am the apple of God's eyes 

# I am fearfully and wonderfully, made. This, my soul, knows so well

# My tomorrow is blessed 

# I am, God's miracle going somewhere to happen 

# Be encouraged you’re not useless, and you will never be useless 

(And It Shall End In Praise)

God Bless 

Am- Ochegba & I SPEAK LIFE