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# Stop hanging around emotional terrorists, in this season, of great joy and peace to all
# I am talking about those folks whose emotional antenna is permanently tuned to 99.9 criticism and gossip FM
# I am talking about those people who use their moods to terrorize you.
# I am talking about those folks who use their negative attitude to control you
# I am talking about those folks, that never see anything good in you or anyone around them
# I am about those folks, that when they’re not happy, you’re not allowed to be happy
# I am talking about those folks, who when they don’t like you, you don’t like yourself
# Make up your mind this season, not grant negative people access to your healthy emotional space
# I charge you, to refuse to be controlled by emotional terrorists
# I do not allow moods manipulators and emotional blackmailers to gain access to your happy place
# Choose joy this season
# Choose light over darkness
# Choose your peace of mind, over drama
Am -Ochegba - & I speak life