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{Isaiah 40:29-: He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength.}

# Lord, You are the God of increase and decrease 
# Lord, You are a restorer and not a destroyer 
# Lord, You are a giver and not a taker.

# This is my confidence in approaching Your throne grace, for help on behalf of myself, and my brothers and sisters.

# Lord, I lift that weary soul to your throne of grace, for strength today, in Jesus' mighty name

# Lord, I pray for that tired and emotionally exhausted soul out there today, may the invisible and compassionate hands of the Lord, lift that burden off your shoulders.

# Lord, I pray for that man, that woman who is weighed down and discouraged right now, because of a medical situation - receive peace and healing, in Jesus' mighty name.

# Lord, I pray for your son, your daughter, who is overwhelmed with financial burdens and many bills. I pray for supernatural relief for you, in Jesus' mighty name.

# I pray for that person out there who is overwhelmed and heavily laden with emotional, spiritual, physical, and medical crises in their family. 

# May the mighty hands of the Lord lift you up to that rock of rest and peace, in Jesus' name.

# The one carrying the burdens of family and friends on their shoulders. May the Lord send you help from Zion today, in Jesus' mighty name.

# May the Lord remember you for good, and may you experience a lifting today, in Jesus' mighty name. 

# For on God's Mountain- there shall be deliverance. 
# And burdens are lifted at Calvary. Your burdens will be taken care of today, in Jesus' name.

# Lord Jesus, you are our burden bearer. Lord, lift that burden off the shoulders of your son and daughter today, in Jesus' mighty name.

# I pray for every sealed heaven over you and your family to be opened in Jesus' mighty name 

# May every emotional, mental, and spiritual stressful situation, in your life be brought to an end today, in the mighty name of Jesus 

# In the mighty name of Jesus, I bind that spirit of frustration - trying to steal your peace.

# And you, child of God, be encouraged you will soon possess your possessions and enter your rest from stress.

# Child of God, your stressful life, is giving way to a restful life of peace, in Jesus' mighty name.

# For burdens are lifted at cavalry, yours is not an exception. I see the invisible hand of the Lord, lifting that burden off your shoulders already.

# Hang in there, child of God - and stay encouraged for your night of weeping is ending. And your morning of sunshine and joy is around the corner.

# Stay encouraged and hopeful.

(And It Shall End In Praise)
# Obadiah 1:17-: But upon mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions.