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# You deserve to be joyful again 
# You deserve to be celebrated and appreciated.

# Yes, you!!
# Stand up and say no more, to all emotional bullies and manipulators, in your space.

# Stand up and give all emotional terrorists in your precious space, the eviction notice.

# Starting now, stop giving any man or woman the power to steal your peace and joy.

# Starting now. I charge you, by the mercies of God, to stop giving emotional terrorists and emotional manipulators, power over your life.

# Stop giving narcissist and emotionally broken men and women access to your precious soul and space

# Stop giving emotionally insecure men and women the power, to use your past failure to define you. Your past was a hard lesson learned and not a prison sentence 

# Stand up tall, and refuse to be a tool of emotional abuse at the hands of selfish and manipulative people 

# You do not need validation from sick and twisted minds, for they will only project their emotionally insecure low self-esteem on you.

# Never allow the negative opinions of emotionally insecure people, to make you think that you're useless. 

# Walking away from situations and people who belittle you, and make you feel, useless and worthless is not a sign of weakness, but of strength 

# You may have done what they say, you did, yet you're not useless. Neither are you who they say, you are. NO! You are God's precious son and daughter destined for greatness and wonderful things.

# Do not hate, on yourself because emotional bullies and insecure people lied to you about the true you.

# Refusing to be who they want you to be, does not mean you're useless or even worthless 

# Refusing to do what they want you to do does not make you useless or worthless 

# When you regain your self-esteem and self-worth, emotional bullies, and manipulative people, who don't know how to handle the new you anymore, will call you proud.

# Stop accepting nonsense, as the norm. Who told you, you cannot do better without them?

# Stop tying your happiness to any mortal person born of a woman.

# Stop defining your self-worth by status or things. You are worth more than a title, silver, or gold. You are the prize.

# No woman. No man born of a woman is your last bus stop. Only Jesus is the beginning and the end.

# If they don't want you. You! want yourself 
# If they don't need you. You! need yourself.
# If they don't love you. You! love yourself.

# Remember you are not what they say you are. You are who God, says you are. 

# You are God's precious child created and designed in Christ Jesus, to impact your generation for good.

# Like David of old. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. And you must know this for yourself - before you can experience true freedom.

# Don't wait for anyone to affirm you. Affirm yourself in Christ Jesus 

# Don't wait for anyone to approve you. Approve yourself in Christ Jesus 

# Don't wait for anyone to celebrate you. Celebrate yourself in Christ Jesus.

# And it shall end in praise for you.

Am -Ochegba & I speak LIFE