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# To anyone out there struggling medically receive the supernatural help of the Holy Spirit, today in Jesus' mighty name

(Jeremiah 23:29-: Is not my word like as a fire? saith the LORD; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?)

# It shall be well, with you, all - in Jesus' mighty name.

# Lord, I speak to every troubled and infectious kidney, liver, and lung in Jesus' name to begin to function at their full capacity starting tonight. In Jesus' mighty name

# Every inflammation in your back or any part of your body, as a result of arthritis, I declare it to begin to melt like wax, in Jesus' mighty name

# I release the fire of God's Word to begin to melt all arthritis pain in your body, in Jesus' name.

# I bring every strange movement of discomfort and pain in your body, under the hammer and the double edge sword, of the word of the Lord, and pounce and release God's healing, balm and deliverance over you, in Jesus' mighty name.

# It is well with you, child of God, be encouraged -for it shall end in praise and not in death.

God Bless