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(What she means to me)

G- stands for great grace of God over Grande cache
The undeniable grace of God is what has kept and will continue to keep our beautiful Mountain town full of the glory of God

R - stands for Resolute people, who would not settle for anything less than, the Restoration of our town. Restoration on all fronts for the good people of Grand Cache

A- stands for Advancement. As a community, we are committed to the advancement of our town, spiritually, morally, economically and emotionally and on all fronts

N - stands for New beginning
We as a community of people, never allow ourselves to be defined by our past failures, setback or defeats. We have what I call the COME BACK SPIRIT

D- stands for Determine people, that never accept defeat

E - stands for Endurance, that produces Endless potential, opportunities and prosperity for us as a people

C - Stands for Committed people. We are committed to each other, and committed to the growth and development of our town and each other

A - Action, Acceptance and Accessible people.
Action, yes grande cache is full of outdoor action-packed activities

Acceptance, yes we are a very welcoming community that accepts and love on everyone.

Accessible, yes, we are a very friendly and helpful people, easy to talk to.
Once you come to grande cache you are hooked for life.

C - Stands for Confidence and Courageous people. We are confident about the greatness and the future of our town and the people

H - Stands for Hope. We are a very Hopeful people. We do not allow anything or anyone to break our spirit. We learn in every circumstance to always keep hope alive, by standing with and for each other.

E - Stands for Endurance. We as a people have seen, and have been through some tough times, like the coal mines closing her doors for a few years. Yet we just will not give up or quit on our town. We just don't give up that easy as a people.

Happy 50th Anniversary my great people of Grande Cache

God bless
John Omale